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Course Symbol & Number      : BCH 347

Course Title                         : Metabolism - 1

Credite Hours                       : 3 (3+0)

Prerequisite                         : BCH 221

Description of the Course:

          Carbohdrate mtabolism: digestion & absorption of carbohydrate. Glycolysis & production of Pyruvate and its regulation.TCA cycle , Glucoconeogenesis , Glycogenesis , Glycogenolysis and their control. Glyoxylate pathway and its regulation. Pentose phosphate pathway. Fructose & galactose metabolism. Uronic acid pathway. Photosynthesis.

Lipid metabolism:

          Digestion & absorption of Lipids. Lypogensis & Lypolysis in adipose tissues. Oxidation of Fatty acids. Metabolism of keton bodies and ketosis. Biosynthesis of fatty acids & its regulation. Metabolism of Triglycerides, Phospholipids, Sphingolipids & glycolipids.

Defects in carbohydrate & Lipid metabolism.

 Exam 1 25%
 Exam 2  25%
 Final Exam 50%
 Total 100%




1-Glyoxlyate cycle.pdf

2-Electron transport chain and oxidative phosphorylation.pdf

3-pentose phosphate pathway.pdf

4 -gluconeogensis.pdf

5 -Uronic acid pathway.pdf

6- Glycogen metabolism.pdf

7- fructose metabolism.pdf

8- Galactose metabolism.pdf 


1-Digestion and absorption of lipids.pdf

2-lipogenesis and lipolysis.pdf

3-oxidation of fatty acids.pdf

4-ketogenesis and ketolysis.pdf

5-Fatty acids synthesis.pdf

6-Triacylglycerol synthesis.pdf

7- Phospholipids synthesis.pdf

8-Sphingolipids synthesis .pdf

9- Metabolic changes in diabetes mellitus.pdf

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