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Some Questions and model Answers

Primary Health Care NUR 473


1-     Primary health care is:

a-     Essential health care to individual's, families and groups into the community.

b-    Essential health care to industrial workers.

c-     Essential health care to elderly persons.

d-    Essential health care to school-aged children.

Answer Key:       a

2-     Health care services should be preventive, curative, and rehabilitation is:

a-     Health education.

b-    Community participation.

c-     Primary health care.

d-    Adequate nutrition.

Answer Key:        c

3-     Primary health care requires:

a-     People's participation in identifying their health needs and problems.

b-    People's participation in identifying of mass media.

c-     People's participation in identifying of social activities.

d-    People's participation in identifying of methods of sports activities.

Answer Key:      a

4-     Principles of primary health care is:

a-     Health care services should be highly costs.

b-    Health care services should be inappropriate to technology.

c-     Health care services should be focus on curative rather than promotion services.

d-    Health care services should be equally accessible to all people.

Answer Key:         d

5-     The priority of primary health care services is focus on:

a-     Adult persons in the community.

b-    High-risk group in the community.

c-     Elderly people in the community.

d-    Maternal and infant groups in the community.

Answer Key:        b

6-The settings of primary health services is in all following places Except one:

a- The inpatient hospitals.

b-The outpatient hospitals.

c- The rural health unit.

d- The clinics and dispensary.

Answer Key:  a

7-The practice of primary health care is focus on all of the following Except one:

a-     One level of prevention.

b-    Two levels of prevention.

c-     Three levels of prevention.

d-    Fourth levels of prevention.

Answer Key:         c


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