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السيرة الذاتية
السيرة الذاتية(C.V)
curriclum vitae(C.V)
المقررات الدراسية
طباعة المنسوجات
أسس التصميم وعناصره
التشكيل بالخامات المستهلكة
الابحاث العلمية المنشورة
ملخص رسالة الماجستير
ملخص رسالة الكتوراه
ملخص بحث التعليم التعاوني
صياغات نسيجية مبتكرة للنسيج المجسم
صياغات تشكيليةعلى سطح المشغولة النسجية
الاستفادة من جماليات النسيج التقليدي
تنويعات فراغية بالمشغولة النسجية
المقالات المنشورة
التربية الفنية والصناعة

First: Personal Data

Name                  : Sawsan Younes El Henawy

Date of birth        : 22/09/1958

Position              : Assistant professor in faculty of education –  department of art       education – king Saud university 

Second: Qualifications

§        B.Sc. of art education with grade excellent with honor 1993

§        Master in art education 1997

§        PhD in art education in textiles 2002.

Third: Previous Jobs

§        Reader in art works and folk, textile department from 1993 till 1997

§        Assistant professor in art education faculty, textile department from 1997 till 2002.

§        Professor in art works and folklore - textile department from 2002 till 2007

§        Assistant professor in art education department, faculty of art education, king Saud university from 2003 till now.

Fourth: Scientific Researches

1-     Research Entitled: " Benefiting from Saudi traditional textiles' aesthetics to produce modern textile works", published on the center of university studies' researches for women- King Saud University.

2-     Research Entitled: " cooperative learning as an introduction to develop creativity skills in the field of manual textiles for art education students", published in the first scientific conference for qualitative faculty, Ain Shams University.

3-     Research entitled: "manual movement in solid textile worked as experimental introductory to make multi-faces textile works", published on the magazine of researches in art education, faculty of art education, Helwan University, vol. 19,2007.

Fifth: Individual Fairs

A fair entitled: creative textile formations for solid textile using the multi wrapped directions.

A fair entitled: textile formations on the surface of textile works using deletion & adding method

A fair entitled: different solids in textile works

Sixth: Collective Fairs

Teaching staff fair in the faculty of art education 1997

Fair of Small artistic works 2001

Teaching staff fair subordinate to Egyptian ministry of foreign affairs in Riyadh 2005.

Seventh: Supervision

 I had supervised on many master thesis

1- Researcher Title: Huda Gharsan Al Shahry

Study Title: tradition architecture aesthetics in Aseer region as a source for enriching expressive aspects in solid formation – 2004


2- Researcher Title: Afaf Mohamed El Khaldi

Study Title: national topics in plastic depiction in Saudi


3- Researcher Title: Haila Abdul-Rahman El Dosary

Study Title: differences in imagination at sighed child and blind child through some artistic activities.


4- Researcher Title: Hanadi Mohamed Khamis

Study Title: benefiting from different textile ways in making decorative complements based on minimal philosophy.


5- Researcher Title: Hanan Abdul-Rahman El Rasheed

Study Title: Achieving aesthetic value using blending between textile and printing ways to enrich textile products.


6- Researcher Title: Badria Mohamed Abdullah Al Wahibi

Study Title: Experimental introductions to use textile hangings with untraditional materials.



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