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STAT 106  Biostatistics 

             Colleges of medicine

 Syllabus : 

 Descriptive statistics –Measure of location and dispersion – Elementary probability –Random variable and probability distribution-Central limit theorem and application.

Text book:

Elementary Biostatistics with Applications

From Saudi Arabia

By : Dr.Nancy A.Eyink Hasabelnaby




First   midterme

25 %

Second midterme               


Final exam  










 Home works :

  Q1For each the following ,indicate the variable, whether the variable is qualitative or quantitative ,the population, and the sample size.

a)     For a sample of 15 mice, we measure the length of time (in minutes ) it takes a mouse to perform a certain task after a period of training .

    Variable: length of time(quantitative)   ,

    Population: mice   , Sample size: 15 mice.

b)    For a sample of 49 cars in Saudi Arabia ,we measure the color of the car

    Variable: The color of the car (qualitative)   ,

    Population: cars in saudi arabia   , Sample size: 49 cars.

c)      Suppose we measure the temperature for the a sample of 25 animals having a certain disease .

    Variable: Tempreture of animals having a certain disease (quantitative)   ,

    Population: animals having a certain disease     

    Sample size: 25 animals having a certain disease .

Q2:   The following stem and leaf represents the age of women  when having their first baby.

Answer the following questions

 Frequency    Stem &  Leaf

8.00         1 .  56678899

16.00        2 .  0001112233333444

14.00        2 .  55555558888999

21.00        3 .  000000111111222333344

12.00        3 .  555566677889

4.00         4 .  0013

Stem width:     10.00

Each leaf:        1 case(s)

 1)The number of women with age more than 30 when having their baby is

(a)16  (b) 37 (c) 31 (d)15  (f) none of these

2)The percentage of women with age Less than 26 when having their baby is


(a)  32%    (b)  41.33% (c)  50.67%  (d) 44.29%  (e)  31%      (f) none of these

3)The range is

(a)  23    (b)  28   (c)  17   (d)  2  (e)  30    (f) none of these

4) The mode is

(a) 25,30     (b) 21     (c)31     (d)  5     (e) 25      (f) 30,31 

 (g) none of these






Model of final exam 106.docModel of final exam 106سناء عبدالله عبدالرحمن ابونصره
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