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Scientific Publications


1    :   Muhammad Mujahid Khan and Masatoshi Komiyama

                            The Second EF hand is Responsible for the Isoform-Specific

                            Sorting of Myosin Essential Light Chain.     

                            Cell Structure and Function. Vol. 26:243-251.2001.


2    :   Masatoshi Komiyama, Muhammad Mujahid Khan, Naoji Toyota

                            and Yutaka Shimada  

                            Fast Skeletal Muscle Isoforms Exhibit the Highest Incorporation

                            Level into Myofibrils and Stress Fibers Among Members of

                            Myosin Alkali Light Chain Isoform Family.  

                            Cell Structure and Function Vol. 25:141-148.2000.    


3     :    Masatoshi Komiyama, Muhammad Mujahid Khan and Yutaka


Analysis of Subcellular Localization of Muscle Proteins by Using Epitope Tags and GFP.

Electron Microscopy Vol. 33, Supplement 2:173-176, 1998.


4     :     Masatoshi Komiyama, Muhammad Mujahid Khan and Yutaka


The Intracellular Sorting of Myosin Essential Light Chain Isoproteins in Chicken Fibroblasts.

Proceedings of the Japan Academy  Vol. 73 Ser. B:219-222, 1997.


5      :      Zahid KaimKhani, Muhammad Zafar, Muhammad Mujahid Khan, Musaed Al-Fayez

Absence of Musculocutaneous Nerve and Distribution of Median Nerve to Muscles of the Anterior Compartment of Arm.

PMJ 2006 – V.II – No. 2


6      :       Muhammad Mujahid Khan

Assessment of Anatomy Curriculum for Future Clinicians at College of Medicine, King Saud University, Riyadh.

Pakistan Journal of Medical Science Vol. 23, No. 4: 625-629 July 2007.


 7      :      Muhammad Mujahid Khan

                            Stem Cell Therapy: An Emerging Science.

Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal Vol.15, No. 3-4, Jul-Oct 2007.


8       :      Muhammad Mujahid Khan

                             Adverse Effects of Excessive Use of Mobile Phone.

                             International Journal of Occupational Medicine and

                             Environmental Health. 2008.


9       :      Hasem H. Darwish, Muhammad Mujahid Khan and Walid A. Zaher

Superficial Median Artery Arises from the Brachioradial Artery: A Rare Variation. European Journal of Anatomy. 2008.                                                                                                                                                                                                        



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