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                                CURRICULUM VITAE

                   SHAFIK ABDULLAH A. FILFILAN



Full Name:                        Shafik Abdullah A. Filfilan

Nationality:                       Saudi Arabian

Date of Birth:                    08/04/1951- 01/07/1370

Place of Birth:                   Makkah Almukaramah

Marital Status:                   Married

Address:                            Botany & Microbiology Dept.,

                                          College of Science, King

                                       Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia,

                                       P.O. Box 2455

Tel. Nos.:                           (01) 468 3863 ( Home ) , (01) 467 5806

( Office )                            4675806

E-mail:       or





                                          Bachelor Of Science (B Sc) in Zoology & Chemistry, King Saud University, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia(1972).

                                          Master Of Science ( M Sc) in Cell Biology, Manchester University, United Kingdom Of Britain ( 1978).

                                          Doctor Of Philosophy (PhD) in Cytotogenetics, Sheffield Unversity, United Kingdom Of Britain (1984).





                                          1972-1973: Administrator In Zoology Dept. College Of Science, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia.

                                          1984 till now: Assisstance Professor In Botany & Microbiology Dept., College Of Science, King saud University, Saudi Arabia.





                                 1904-1905: Academic Advisor In College Of Scince, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia.

                                          19 84 till now Member of  Several comities In Botany & Microbiology Dept., College Of Science, King Saud .

                                          1904 till now Member Of Saudi Biological Society.





                                  Three  Meeting Of Saudi Biological Society Held In Hafof, Riyadh and Jeddah Saudi Arabia In 1905, 1906 and in 1908 respictivelly.






                                          1998-2002Co-Investigator For a Project No. AR-15-100 Supported By A Grant from King Abdul Aziz City For Science & Technology .

                                          1989-1990 Rincipal investigator for A Project Aiming To Study The Gazelle Chromosome Endemic In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia(Grant Obtained from National Commision For Wildlife Conservation And Development.





                                                   Al-zahrani, S. A. (1999)

                                           Biosystematic Study Of The Genus SALICORNIA( Chenopodiaceae) From Saudi Arabia.( MSc Thesis).



                                          Al-Qurainy, F. (2001)

                                          Comparative Physiological Study Between Four Cultivars Of Date Palm ( Phoenix dactylifera L.) Produced From Tissue And Offshoot. ( Ph.D Thesis).

                                          Al-Baiz, A. A.(2005)

                                          Comparison Of Somatic Embryos With Offshoot Origin In Two Cultivars Of Date Palm ( Phoenix dactylifera). (Ph.D. Thesis).






                                           All undergraduate and post-graduate coursesees in the field of Cell Biology, Cytogenetics, Molecular Genetics,Popualtion Genetics, Microbial Genetics .





                  1 – Filfilan, S. A. & Sigee, D. C. (1977)Continuous DNA replication

                   in the nucleus of the   dinoflagellate Prorocentrum micans

                    (Ehrenberg). J. Cell Science,27, 81-90.

              2 – Filfilan, S. A. & Elkington, T. T.(1988). Erophila DC.

                     In : Plant CRIB ( Botanical Society Of The British

       Isles) pp27-29. Ed: T. C. G. Rich, M. D. B. Rich & F. H.


               3 – Filfilan, S. A. & Elkington, T. T. (1991)Erophila verna group.

                     In : Crucifer Of Great Britain And Ireland (Botanical

                     Society Of The British Isles Handbook No.6.pp25-29.

  Ed: T. C.G. Rich.

               4 – Al-Turki, T. A., Filfilan, S. A. & Syed, F. M. (2002)

                      A cytological study of flowering plants from Saudi Arabia

                      Willdenowia,30, 339 – 358.

           5 – Al- Qurainy, F., Al- Saad, F. & Filfilan, S. A. (2002)

                       Comparative study between four cultivars of date palm

                      (Phoenix dactylifera L.) produced from tissue culture and

        Offshoot origins by RAPD technology.

            Saudi J. Biol. Sci., 9 No 1, 3-11.



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