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1.       latif A, Mahesar , Ayub zeenat (2000) salbutamol as inhibitor of ripened uterine muscle contractions  Medical Channel july-sept, (6) 20-23.


2.       Aamir kausar ,latif A Mahesar ,Ahmed Mubashir (2001)Role of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor lisinopril  on glomerular filtration on chronic renal impairment. The surgery, March (4) 50- 54.


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4.       siddquie Naseemullah , Aamir kausar, Begum Ameena ,Mahesar A,latif Role of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor (captopril) in protein uria ,glomerular filtration rate and lipid profile in NIDDM patients. Pakistan journal of pharmacology, vol.19 (2) July 2002, pp.47- 53.   



5.       latif A; Mahesar , Aamir kausar ; combined deactivating effect of Verapamil and salbutamol on oxytocin primed uterine muscle.

          The medical spectrum in press for publication ,(already accepted).


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