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Curriculum Vitae

FULL NAME:  Mohamed Ekram Ibrahim Hassan

B.CH.D , H.D.D. , Ph.D. (Cairo University)

DATE OF BIRTH:   1 / Jan /1948


Professor and head of Oral Radiology division , Collage of Dentistry , King Saud  University , KSA.
Main reviewer, the International Journal of Dentomaxillofacial Radiology.

Head of Oral Radiology Department , Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine , Cairo University , Egypt.
Head of Oral Radiology Division , School of Dentistry , King Abulaziz University , Jeddah, KSA.
General supervisor of Radiology Department, School of Dentistry , Suez Canal, University.
Senior Consultant of Maxillofacial radiodiagnosis and sports injurirs, Suprime Council of Youth and Sports , ‎Egypt.
A main participant in the establishment of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology department, cairo university.


Many research works in Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology and Diagnostic imaging including the most recent modalities.

Recent Publications include:

  • Computed Tomography And Conventional Radiography In The Diagnosis of Middle Face Fractures, Egyptian Dental Journal, 51:1843-51,2005.
  • The Value Of Pre-Operative Radiographic Examination Of Edentulous Patients Prior To Denture Construction.The Risk Versus The Benefit, Egyptian Dental Journal, 51:1853-57,2005.
  • Tomographic Study Of Air Cell Pneumatization of The Tmporal Component Of The TMJ Patients With TMJ Patients With Temporomandibular Disorders, Egyptian Dental Journal, 51:1836-42,2005.
  • Common Positioning Errors In Panoramic Radiography, Egyptian Dental Journal, 51:1813-17,2005.
  • A pragmatic approach to oral and maxillofacial differential diagnosis: The clinical examination plan, AinShams Dental Journal, Vol.IX: 81-88, 2006.

Former Publications include:

  • A sialographic study of the secretory function of the parotid gland in diabetic patients.
    The dental patient with renal failure: a clinico-radiographic study.
  • Role of the dentist in the early diagnosis of hyperparathyroidism: a clinical, radiographic,  biochemical and radioimmunoessay study.
  • Dental implications in the early detection of vitamin D resistant rickets. A clinical, radiographic and biochemical study.
  • A computer assisted simple approach to radiodiagnosis.
  • Chronic obstructive submandibular sialectasis. A radiographic and sialographic study.
  • A tomographic method for evaluation of the mandibular edentulous ridge resorption.
  • A comparative study of some anti-emetics for management of gagging in intraoral radiography.
  • Radiographic evaluation of maxillary sinus by computed tomography.
  • Systemic control of the gag reflex in inrtaoral radiography.
  • A standardized planimetric method for quantitative evaluation of the structural changes in rheumatoid arthritis of the temporomandibular joint.
  • Effect of cobalt 60 on rat submandibular salivary gland “ electron microscopic study “.
  • A sensitometric study of bone density around the implants used as abutments in conjunction with natural teeth for supporting a removable partial denture.
  • Diagnosis and prosthodontic management of a complicated posterior implant in the maxillary sinus region by radiography and sinoscopy.
  • The value of radionuclide bone scan and computerized tomography in the diagnosis of osteomyelitis of the maxilla.
  • Computerized tomography versus conventional radiography in the diagnosis tumors and tumor - like lesions of the maxilla.
  • Quantitative radionuclide scintigraphy as a method for evaluation of major salivary gland’s function following radioiodine therapy in cancer thyroid patients.
  • Fibrin stabilizing factor  ( factor xiii ) and bone healing in induced diabetic rats.  A radiographic and histologic  study.
  • A quantitative radiographic study for assessment of the calcification level of roots of the first permanent molars while piercing the oral mucosa.
  • The validity of using the advances in tomography and panoramic radiography in evaluation of dental implants.
  • Local factors as a cause for disturbances in teeth eruption.
  • Arthrotomography in the diagnosis of Temporomandibular disorders.
    Quantitative radionuclide scintigraphy as a method for evaluation of major salivary gland’s function following radioiodine therapy in cancer thyroid patients.
  • Fibrin stabilizing factor (factor xiii ) and bone healing in induced diabetic rats.  A radiographic and histologic study.
  • A quantitative radiographic study for assessment of the calcification level of roots of the first permanent molars while piercing the oral mucosa.

1- Illustrated Clinical Oral Diagnosis, Al-Nasr press, Cairo, Egyp, 1984.
2- Oral Radiology, Al-Nasr press, Cairo, Egypt, 1988.

Other Publications
Many essays in specialized and public Magazines.


  • Participation in international  and national Conferences and  Scientific meetings as a main Speaker,  Speaker and  as Attendant. 
  • Certificates in Computer Science and Basic Programming since 1984 till 2004.
  • Course in Scientific and Technical English writing.
  • Courses in Dental  Educational Technology.
  • Many essays in specialized and public Magazines.
  • Private practice (Diagnostic Center in Cairo) practicing more than 20 years in the field of radiodiagnostics.
  • Training courses and workshops in different branches of Dentistry.
  • Scientific visit to Turku Institute of Dentistry, Turku University , Finland.
  • Scientific visit to Ann Arbor School of Dentistry, Michigan  University , USA.

Attendance of Training Courses on “Faculty and Leadership Development Project,  Cairo University”:

1- Time Management and Job Stresses Training Course. 
2- Development of Youth Skills Training Course.
3- Successful and Effective Presentation Training Course 
4- Recent Methods and Tools for Teaching.

Courses & Presentations for Continuous Education:

The listed courses and presentations are not designed for neither the specialized radilogists nor the post-graduate students.

They are especifically designed for:

1.Undergraduate students
2.Post-graduate students.
2.The general dental  practituners.
3.The listed courses are presented with a very simple approach and clear ideas.

Course No I
 Recent modalities in Maxillofacial Imaging

1.The new modalities in tomography and panoramic radiography.
2.Digital radiography, types and applications in different dental clinical spcial ties.
3.Advanded implant imaging.
4.Cone Beam Computed Tomography (Computed Tomography or CT of the maxillofacial region).

Course No II
Radiologic interpretation and diagnosis of maxillofacial lesions.

1.General principles of  radiologic interpretation.
2.How to diagnose a maxillofacial radiologic lesion ?
3.The role of computers in the diagnosis of radiologic lesions.
4.Interesting comprehensive cases (more than 30 case).

Course No III
The Temporomandibular Joint

1.Anatomical considerations and physiodymamics of the TMJ.
2.How to examine a patient with a Temporomandibular disorder?
3.The choice of Imaging in TM Disorders patients.
4.How can you diagnose a patient with Temporomandibular disorder.
5.The clicking Temporomandibular Joint and common TM Disorders.

Course No IV
The simplest way to understand the Special Imaging modalities for non-radiology specialized dentists.

1.The simplest way to understand Computed Tomography (CT) and it’s role in the diagnosis of maxillofacial lesions.
2.How to interpret (CT) images of the Maxillofacial region.
3.The simplest way to understand Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and it’s role in the diagnosis of maxillofacial lesions.
4.How to interpret (MRI) images of the Maxillofacial region and the TMJ.

Course No V
Radiation protection
How to protect yourself, your patients and your dental staff from the effect of radiation in the dental clinic?


I Gave many siminars , courses and crash courses as contineous education inradiodiagnostics in different countries and universities, some of them include:

  • Ministry of Health , Egypt.
  • Cairo University. Egypt.
  • Ein Shams University, Dental school, Egypt.
  • Alexandria University, Dental school, Egypt.
  • Tanta University , Dental School.
  • Egyptian Scientific society of Oral Implantologists, Egypt.
  • Al-Azhar University, Dental school, Egypt.
  • Medical Military Academy, Egypt.
  • Maxillofacial Surgery Centers, Ministry of health Egypt.
  • Suzan Mobarak Specialized Hospital.
  • King Abdulaziz University, Dental school, Jeddah, KSA.
  • King Saud University, College of Dentistry, Riydh, KSA.
  • Suprime Council of Youth and Sports, Egypt.
  • The Egyptian Clinical Society.
  • Oral Diagnosis and Medicine Club, Saudi Dental Society, KSA.
  • And Others.

My Contact in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

Home:00966 1 2050071     
Mobile:009665  08272494
Fax:009661 4678548      

Mailing Adress in KSA
Professor Mohamed Ekram
Head, Radiology Division
King Saud University- Collage od Dentistry
P.O.B.  60169 Al-Riyadh 11545
Saudi Arabia

My Contact in Egypt:
Home Phone:00202   7945482
Mobile:002 0101498045

Mailing Adress in Egypt:
Professor Mohamed Ekram
& Gamal Eldin Abulmahasen Str.
Garden City Cairo,


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