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Name: Sanaa Ali Mohamed El Sayed

Position: Professor of Art Education Psychology – King Saud University - Education Faculty Art Education Department.

File No.: 71292                                                               Tel. No.: 4340581


Social Status: Married

Nationality: Egyptian



* B.S.C: Art and Education General Grade, excellent. Art Education Faculty- Helwan University (1972)

* Higher studies in "Islamic Archeology Diploma" Faculty of Archeology, Cairo University, (1975)

* M.A: In Art Education Psychology Art Education Faculty- Helwan University (1988)


Grants and Scholarships

* Internal PhD scholarship (1983-1988)

* One year scholarship in Educational sciences Faculty-Hanover University, Germany (1986-1987)

* Two months "DAAD" Grand in Educational Sciences Faculty-Hanover University, Germany (1992)

* Six months grant for post Doctorate Research in Egyptian Institute in Munchen University- Germany (2000)

* One month grant at Art History Museum in Wien, training Museum Education (2000)

* Two months Fulbright scholarship in U.S.A at the University of California - Los Angles (2001)


Activities during the Grants

- Focus on (Museum Education) in many different Museums in Germany and U.S.A. 

* Museum fuer Kunsthandwerk-Frankfurt.

* Lubeck Museum der Stadt Hamm- Hanover.

* Seefeld Museum der Stadt Munchen.

* Karlsruhe Museum der Stadt Karlsruhe.

* Museum Paedagogik Center der Stadt Munchen.

* Heidelberg museum der Stadt Heidelberg.

* Kunsthistorische Museum der Stadt Wien.

* Naturhistorsche Museum des Stadt Wien.

* Getty Center for Education in the Art, California- U.S.A.

* Children Museum in California – U.S.A.

* Sea Sciences Museum in California - U.S.A.

* Handcrafts Museum in San Francisco - U.S.A.


Workshop: In Museum Education

- Presentation: "San Jose" University in California

* Title: Islamic Pottery in Egypt, Syria, Turkey and Persia.

* Title: Color and Symbolism in Islamic ceramic.

* Title: Design Jewelries in Ancient Egyptian.


Teaching experience

In Egypt:

- Helwan University

- Cairo University

- Ain Shams University

- Alexandria University.

In Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

- King Saud University.

Bsc. courses:

- children drawings and development

- Design

- Graphic

- Drawing and painting

- Islamic decorative Art education for special groups

- Recent sculpture. Metal and jewelleries.


M.A courses:

- Reading in Art Education.

- Contemporary Approaches to Art Education.

- Assessment and evaluation in Art education.

- Studies of children Art.

- The creative process.

- Art education for special groups.

- Independent studies.

- Museum education and exhibitions.

- Research project.


Professional experience


- In Egyptian Universities: Supervisor of M.A. and PhD, 13 thesis.

- In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Supervisor of M.A. in King Saud University:

1.      Thesis Title: identification of the Talented Children in Art.

2.      Thesis Title: children drawings to their stories and the influence upon their peers.

3.      Thesis Title: a proposed program for museum education to enrich children artistic ability.

4.      Thesis Title: the social and economical effect over the quantity and quality of the schematic form in pre-school children.  

5.      Thesis Title: comparative study between children drawings and elderly drawings.

6.      Thesis Title: the effect of experience at the design for the students of art education in King Saud University.

7.      Thesis Title: the traditional ornaments at the popular craftsman and the modern artist in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

8.      Thesis Title: the art of art education students to produce arts by using computers.

9.      Thesis Title: Decorative element and the way of utilizing from it in designing traditional units.

10.  Thesis Title: cartoons effect viewing on changing children drawing.

11.  Thesis Title: hindering of teaching art education for intermediate stage teachers.

12.  Thesis Title: museums education and effect on art perception for M.A. students in King Saud University.

13.  Thesis Title: Different treatments of paupers on child autistics.

14.  Thesis Title: a study of the self-concept in children drawings in the stages of pre formula (4-6 years) and formula (7-9 years).

15.  Thesis Title: the effect of aerogramme for visual culture on the development of artistic creation of some artists in Asir region.

16.  Thesis Title: quantity and quality of vision perceptions pre-school child drawing (4-5 years).



- Museums Education workshop with "Hans-Seidel" German Foundation. 1996-1997.

- Development pre-school children workshop with "NSCE" Holland Foundation. 1999.

- Museums education workshop for pre-school teachers with "NSCE" Holland Foundation. 1999.

- Creative child workshop with "pure art center" in AlMalek Fahad center in Saudi Arabia 2003.

- Museums education workshop for worker people in AlMalek Abd Alziz Museums. 2004 - 2005 - 2006.



- Egyptian society of psychology from 1988 - 1999 Ain Shams University.

- Development education college- Cairo University - 1999.

- Creative in school- Goethe Institute center in Cairo - 1991.

- International conference on "Tourism and Handicraft" in Saudi Arabia - November 2006.

- Pre-school issues-King Saud University, 2006.

- Applying the (7) principles of good teaching.

- Assessment and evaluation and the learning process.

Scientific Publications

1.      Differences between the two genders in creation by a sample of children in primary education stage in rural and urban.

Egyptian Magazine for Psychological Studies, 1. September 1991.

2.      Predictional study for imitating the admission and classification of the students in the College of Education, Helwan University - Consecutive Study.

17th International Conference for Statistics, Computer Sciences and its Scientific Applications – 5th Volume, April 1992.

3.      Personality Study through Drawing – Pre--school experimental study on sample of children.

8th Conference of Psychology, College of Human Studies – Al Azhar University, June 1992.

4.      Studies on Formal schema of the Pre-school children in Egyptian and Saudi Arabian Environment - Comparative Study. 

5th Scientific Conference, College of Art Education, Helwan University, December 1994.

5.      Examination Anxiety of Secondary school - Students in old and new system – Comparative Study.

College of Education Magazine, Education and Psychology, Ein Shams University, No. 19, Second Part, 1995.

6.      How to analyze children drawings –

Educational Training Program for Museums Trustees – Second Discussion episode, prepared by Hans Seidel Stiftung (Germany) and The High Council of Egyptian monuments, April 1996.

7.      Sources of Anxiety and Tension in University Students - a case study of Egypt.

19th International Conference of the Stress and Anxiety, Research Society, Bo•aziÁi University, Istanbul, Turkey, July 1998.

8.      Museum Education as an Introduction to aesthetic education for children.

7th Scientific Conference, College of Art Education, Helwan University, February 1999.

9.      Developing of Museum Awareness for Kindergarten teachers as Introduction to aesthetic education for children.

Annual Scientific Conference, Faculty of Kindergarten, Cairo University, April 2000.

10.  Talented child – features and methods of care

Faculty of Kindergarten Magazine – Cairo University, December 2000.

11.  Can the Model disturb the imagination of the child in expression by drawing?

Khotwa Magazine, Edition file (Child and arts) No. 15, Arab Council of Childhood and Development, March 2002.

12.  The role of museum in enriching the culture of Arabic child

workshop report (Arabic Child Culture and third Millennium) from 15- 17 June 2007, Arab Council of Childhood and Development.

13.  The relation between psychological analysis theory and surrealism. Magazine for Researches in art education and arts, No. 11, Vol. 11, College of Art Education, Helwan University, April 2004.

14.  Characteristics of the Autistic child – suggested program to minimize the autism disturbances.

Magazine for Researches in art education and arts, No.11, Vol.11,

April 2004.

15.  Applied experiments in museum education – global, regional and local.

Early childhood symposium – features and needs – organized by Saudi National Committee for Childhood in the Ministry of Education,

King Fahd Cultural Center - Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,

October 2004.


Published Books

1.    Mohammed Abdul Ghaffar, Sanaa Ali Mohammed Al Sayed et al. 

“ Growth Psychology ”

Dar El-Nahda Elarabia Publisher, Cairo 1977.

2.    Sanaa Ali Mohammed Al Sayed

“ Children drawings – analysis and indication ”

Horas Publisher for typing and publication, Cairo 1997.

3.    Sanaa Ali Mohammed Al Sayed

“ Introduction to art education ”

El-Gumhoria Publisher, Alexandria, 1998.

4.    Sanaa Ali Mohammed Al Sayed

“ Creation Psychology ”

Horas Publisher for typing and publication, Cairo 1998.

5.    Sanaa Ali Mohamed Al Sayed

“ Museum Education ”

( global, regional and local Models )

Under Press


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