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Name: Sanaa Ali Mohamed El Sayed

Position: professor of Art Education psychology – King Saud University-                             Education Faculty Art Education department.

File No.: 71292

Tell No.: 4340581 E-mail:

Social Status: Married

Nationality: Egyptian


2- Education 

* B.S.C: Art and Education General Grade, excellent. Art Education Faculty- Helwan University (1972) 

* Higher studies in "Islamic Archeology Diploma" Faculty of Archeology, Cairo University, (1975) 

*M.A: In Art Education Psychology Art Education Faculty- Helwan University (1988) 


3- Grants and Scholarships

*Internal PhD scholarship (1983-1988)

*One year scholarship in Educational sciences Faculty-Hanover University, Germany (1986-1987)

*Tow months "DAAD" Grand in Educational sciences faculty-Hanover University, Germany (1992)

*Six months grant for post Doctorate Research in Egyptian Institute in Munchen university- Germany (2000)

*One month grant at Art History Museum in Vien, training museum Education (2000)

*tow months Fulbright scholarship in U.S.A at the university of California-Los Angles- (2001)


Activities during the Grant

- Focus on (Museum Education) in many different Museums in Germany and U.S.A. 

*Museum Fur Kunsthandwerk-Frankfort.

* Lepuik museum der stadt Hamm- Hanover.

*See field museum der stadt Munchen.

*Karlsoruh Museum der stadt karlsorah.

 *Museum pedagogy center der stadt munchen.

*Heidelberg museum der stadt Heidelberg.

*Kunsthistorische museum der stadt Wien.

*Naturhistorsche museum des stadt Wien.

*Getty center for Aducation in the Art, California- U.S.A.

*Children museum in California –U.S.A.

*Sea sciences museum in Caliornia _U.S.A.

*Handcrafts museum in Sea Francesco- U.S.A.

- Work Shop: In Museum Education.

- Presentation: "San Jose" university in California

    *Tittle: Islamic Pottery in Egypt, Syria, Turkey and Persia.

    *Tittle: Color and Symbolism in Islamic ceramic.

    *Tittle: Design Jewelries in Ancient Egyptian.


Teaching experience      In Egypt: Helwan University- Cairo University-Aen Shams university- Alexandria University.  

      In Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: King Saud University.

B.S.C courses: children drawings and development- Design- Graphic- Drawing and painting- Islamic decorative Art education for special groups- Recent sculpture. Metal and  jewelries. 

A.M courses:

- Reading in Art Education.

-Contemporary Approaches to Art Education.

-Assessment and evaluation in Art education.

-Studies of children Art.

-The creative process.

-Art education for special groups.

-Independent studies.

-Museum education and exhibitions.

-Research project.


Professional experience

-In Egyptian universities: supervisor of M.A. and PhD, 13 thesis. 

-In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: supervisor of M.A. in King Saud University:

                *Thesis Title: identification of the Talented Children in Art.

               *Thesis Title: children drawings to their stories and the influence upon their peers.

                *Thesis Title: a proposed program for museum education to enrich children artistic ability.

                * Thesis Title: the social and economical effect over the quantity and quality of the schematic form in pre-school children.  

                *Thesis Title: comparative study between children drawings and elderly drawings.

                *Thesis Title: the effect of experience at the design for the students of art education in King Saud University.

                *Thesis Title: the traditional ornaments at the popular craftsman and the modern artist in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

                *Thesis Title: the art of art education students to produce arts by using computers.

                *Thesis Title: Decorative element and the way of utilizing from it in designing traditional units.

                *Thesis Title: cartoons effect viewing on changing children drawing. 

               *Thesis Title: hindering of teaching art education for intermediate stage teachers.

              *Thesis Title: museums education and effect on art perception for M.A. students in King Saud University.

              *Thesis Title: Different treatments of paupers on child autistics.

              *Thesis Title: a study of the self-concept in children drawings in the stages of pre formula (4-6 years) and formula (7-9 years).

              *Thesis Title: the effect of aerogramme for visual culture on the development of artistic creation of some artists in Asir region.

              *Thesis Title: quantity and quality of vision perceptions pre-school child drawing (4-5 years).



-Museums education workshop with "Handsaidel" Germany Foundation. 1996-1997

- Development pre-school children workshop with "NSCE" Holland foundation. 1999

- Museums education workshop for pre-school teachers with "NSCE" Holland foundation. 1999

- Creative child workshop with "pure art center" in AlMalek Fahad center in Saudi Arabia 2003.

- Museums education workshop for worker people in AlMalek Abd Alziz Museums. 2004-2005-2006



- Egyptian society of psychology from 1988-1999 Aen Shams University.

- Development education college- Cairo University- 1999.

- Creative in school- Goethe Institute center in Cairo-1991.

- International conference on "Tourism and Handicraft" in Saudi Arabia- November 2006.

  - Pre-school issues-King Saud University, 2006.

- Applying the (7) principles of good teaching.

- Assessment and evaluation and the learning process.


Publication Books

- Development of psychology, 1997.

- The analysis and sematic significant children's drawings 1997.

- The inter to art education 1998.

- Creative psychology 1998.

- Museums education the regional and global under painting.  


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