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أسئلة شائعة



Curriculum Vat



Name : dr. Mohamed Mansour Mohamed Alshafei


Nationality : Egyptian.


religion : Moslem.


Birth date :  6- 10 – 1956.


Sociality case : married and have three kids ( Merna – Meral – Noran).


Immediate job :


·                  professor assistant – research division  -national center of examination   and educational evaluation –Cairo- Egypt .

·               professor assistant – psychological division – faculty of education – king saud university.      


Country address :

   : Egypt – Cairo- Almocutum – street (9) – Alnaser block  - biding (11)- apartment (33) .

Immediate address   :


 Saudi Kingdom – a Riyadh – King Saud University – faculty of education ( for  boys )  -   psychological division – Dr mohamed alshafei.


e- mail address:



    Phone office at collage:


                 ( 4173478 )


 Scientific Qualification:


1- Bachelors degree in science ( mathematics ) from faculty of education – Mansoura university.(1978) 


2- special diploma in education from Tanta  university.(19985)


3- master degree in educational psychology from  Mansoura university.(1991).


4- PhD. in educational psychology from  Mansoura university.(1996).


5- Post Doctor Research from  International Studies of Education -Pittsburgh University-( U.S.A ).


special accurate : scientific


measurement and  statistics.


research interests


measurement -  statistics- educational evaluation – scales and tests


 job sequences :


1- mathematic teacher from (1978- 1992).


 2- researcher assistant at research division in National Center of Examination and Educational Evaluation.(NCEEE)


3- researcher at research division in national center of examination and educational evaluation.(1996).


4- chairman of statistical analysis unite in academic research division .(NCEEE).


5- chairman of statistical analysis and item banking unites in academic information and processing division.(NCEEE)


6-  delegated as chairman of academic information and processing division in (NCEEE )


7 – delegated as a teacher of statistics at faculty of girls ( aein shams university ) .


8- – delegated as a teacher of statistics at faculty of education ( aein shams university )


9- delegated as a statistician adviser for scientific commute   in Egyptian army (selection and orientation branch )


10- professor assistant – psychological division – faculty of education – king saud university.





* using  statistical analysis programs to analyze different types of data such as:


1- SPSS.



4- SAS.



7- RUMM.




 LOGIST. 11-






 * wide experience of constructing item banks procedures and executing statistical analyses of item banks and the analysis of equating the test scores drawing from item banks.


* wide experience of executing statistical analyses of classical statistical methods ( parametric-and nonparametric statistics).


*  wide experience of executing statistical analyses for test items correlated item response theory and its mathematical logarithmic models such as :


1- one parameter logistic model ( rasch model ).

2-two. parameter logistic model.

3-three parameter logistic model.

4-four parameter logistic model.

5- partial credit mode ( masters model).


training revolutions:


1- test design revolution at ( NCEEE ) from (   ).


2- statistical analysis revolution for mathematical models related with item response theory and item banking procedures by Dr. Dived Caroll. ( Scottish professor.) in ( NCEEE )


 united kingdom (Scotland ). from ().


3- statistical analysis revolution using SAS. program for diagnostic tests at scotish examination board ( united kingdom ).


4- revolution for specification test tables at ( NCEEE ) from (   ).



researches and studies accomplished:


1- research of  Md. . tilted with : some of mental abilities correlated with  mathematical expression  for verbal introduction to students of secondary schools factorial study.


2- research of  PhD . tilted with :  the influence of equating test scores  methods and sample conditions on calibration of item bank- using Rasch model


3- study tilted with :  the influence of sample size on accuracy and efficiency of  closuring  two tests  to common calibration.


4- study tilted with : statistical indexes for cheating , careless and guessing cases  to accompany of test situation  and the effect of discard these  cases on difficulty estimation for  bank items.

5- study tilted with : the influence of analytic sample size on statistical fitness indexes and the  difficulty estimation for  items  using Rasch mode( simulation study).

6 - study tilted with : using mathematical  logarithmic partial credit model to developing the primary of mental abilities test using by sample from Saudi  environment.


7 - study tilted with : the requirements and conditions of objective evaluation for the performance of university teacher from the sight of university teachers themselves and  evaluators at the faculty of kingdom saud university.


8- study tilted with : the effectiveness of  psychological and religion guidance to reduce the future anxiety for faculty of education girls – university of king saud university.


9- study tilted with : using " masters model " for multi -categories responses  to explore the effect of non fitting responses on  statistical fitness indexes


 10- study tilted with : analytic study for the content of writing slabs for primary teaching of Canada country – teacher book ( grade 1 to 8 ). 


11-  study tilted with :   analytic study for results of   general secondary examination in Egypt for year of 2000 \ 2001.


12-           study tilted with : the statistical accuracy for primary schools data for some public governors of Egypt at ministry of education and learning (1999).

13-           study tilted with : study about gifted student in general secondary certificate in Egypt   at the period ( 1972-1995. proceeded at (NCEEE)

14-            study tilted with : study to evaluation the revolutions of preparing new teachers ( whom not study in education collage ) in faculties of education in different public governors . proceeded at (NCEEE) (2000).

15-           study tilted with: field study towards to putting norms and polices for using ,preparing and publishing psychological tests . proceeded at (NCEEE).(1994).

16-             study tilted with: courses predicted the successful in university study  produced at (NCEEE).(1998).

17-             study tilted with: evaluating the different sides of learning operation for primary  forth grade. proceeded at (NCEEE).(1995).

18-           study tilted with : putting methodology for enhancing the learning in Egypt country . proceeded at (NCEEE).(1998).

19-           study tilted with: evaluating for comparative achievement in different Arabic countries   supported  by the Arabic organization for education , culture and science. proceeded at (NCEEE).(1998).







·           participating in national project to enhance the learning in Egypt for tow stages :


the first stage   : basic study for governors ( al-fayom , al-sharkia , kena , al-boheara ).

the second stage : basic study for (7) governors ( bany-swief , al-menia , al-uksour , aswan ,demiatt , al-kalubia , al-gharbia ).


the participation for these tasks:


1-     preparing tools for administrations.

2-      administrations in governors.

3-     proceed the statistical analysis for the data gathering form tools administration.

4-     statistical reading for results.

·           participating in procedures of constructing nursing employment test battery  for military hospitals (1998).

·           participating in procedures of constructing test battery  for selection and orienting the officers in Egypt army (2000).

·           preparing the norms of practical devices which used for selection and orienting in Egypt army.(2001).

·           participating in project procedures to constructing computerized tests which used in selection and distribute the solders in  Egypt army  (2002).

·            preparing plan of constructing item banks in ( NCEEE ).

·           participating in project  commute to verify the inclusive learning with the minister of education dr. Hossein Kamel Bhaa Al-dean.

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