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(1)   Stuctural aspects of aging in the supra –optic nucleus of female guinea pigs : light and electron microscopic study. (journal of medical research institute .Alex.) 12 (1) 1991.

(2)    Surgical and Radiological anatomy of human spleen. (Politan of of Alex.) 27 (5) 1991.

(3)   Transnasal – Transsphenoidal approach to the sella turcica. Anatomical and Radiological study.( j. of med. College of Tanta ) 20 (3) june 1993.

(4)   Morphometric correlation between cribriform plate and floor of the nose. (Med. Res. Institute) 13 (4) 1992.

(5)   Pterygoid hamulus : possible role in the pathogenesis of middle ear effusion in children.( Med .Res. Institute) 13(4) 1992.

(6)   Comparative study of hepatic ,renal and haematological toxicity of Psychottopic drugs: Lormetazepan and Midazolam with Clonazepam in rabbits. An experimental Phamacological ,Histological and Electron microscopic study.( j. of the Egpt. Commity of pharmacology) (1) july  1992.

(7)   The first dorsal inter- metacarpal island neurovascular flap in reconstruction of hand defects. Anatomical and Clinical study.(Egypt. J .of Plastic Surgery and Reconst.)  16 (2) September 1992.

(8)   A study on the surgical anatomy of the Saphenous and Sural nerves – relevance to saphenous veins stripping.( Politan of med. College of Alex.) 28 (6) December 1992.

(9)   Evaluation of the effect of Methomyl insecticide on the testicular function in normal albino rat (Hormonal,Histological and Histochemical study) . (J .of Med. Res. Inst. ) 14(3) 1993.

(10)                     Dimentional study of the normal internal auditory canal , a cadaveric and radiological investigation.( J. of Egypt. College of Med. Alex.) 29 (6) December 1993.

(11)                     The anatomy of  the superior tibiofibular joint.(  J. of Med.Res . Institute ) 15 (3) 1994.

(12)                     Post natal histological and histochemical changes in the cingulated  gytus and piriform cortex in guinea pigs.( presented to the Scienific Conference of the Egypt . Comity of Histology and Cell Biology) 26 –12;1991.

(13)                     Histological effect of Sympathetic and Parasympathetic chemical stimulation of rat submandibular gland.( Scientific Conf. of the Egypt. Comity of Histology and Cell Biology) 31-12; 1992.

(14)                     Endoneural cellular changes in the sciatic nerve of albino rats during wallerian degeneration and regeneration (light and electron microscopic study) . (Scien. Conference of the Egypt. Comity of Anatomy)27- 2; 1992.

(15)                     Light and electron microscopic study of the blood supply of the sciatic nerve in albino rat.( Scien. Conference of the Egypt.Comity of Anatomy) 7-4; 1994.

(16)                    Attenuation of Bleomycin – induced lung fibrosis in rats by mesna. (European J. of pharmacology) 9 : 61 -70 ;2005.

(17)                     Ginkgo Biloba attenuates mucosal damage in a rat modelof ulcerative colitis.( pharmacology research 53 :324-330 ; 2006.



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