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Which is True


Bochlar Angle  


  1. Angle between ulnar and radius
  2. Angle for calcaneous T
  3. Angle between thoracic & Lumbar spine
  4. Angle for recto-sigmoid junction
  5. Angle for gastro-esophageal junction.


The following are causes of pneumoperitoneum. EXCEPT


  1. Post laparotomy or laparoscopy.
  2. Perforated viscus
  3. Post traumatic penetrating injury
  4. Rupture diverticulum
  5. Hepatoma. T



ERCP  (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography) means?


  1. Examination of biliary tract. T
  2. Examination done by CT Scan.
  3. Examination done by MRI
  4. Examination done without contrast
  5. Examination done by Ultrasound.



For Periosteal reaction:


  1. Expansion of the bone.
  2. Elevation of periosteum by pus, blood, tumor  or new bone T
  3. Sclerosis of the bone
  4. Thickening of the medulla of the bone
  5. Need CT to diagnose periosteal reaction.


The following are feature of aggressive lesion: EXCEPT


  1. Irregular new bone formation
  2. Poorly defined margin
  3. Periosteal reaction
  4. Soft tissue extension
  5. Expansion of intact cortex. T



All are mechanical obstruction of the esophagus, except:-


  1. Goiter
  2. Diverticulum
  3. Foreign body
  4. Achalasia T
  5. Esophageal Web.



Imaging of G.U. system:


A patient came to you and he is complaining of flank pain, colicky in nature with hematuria and you suspect ureteric stone.  The most sensitive investigation for such case is:-


  1. IVU ( Intravenous Urogram)
  2. Urethrogram
  3. KUB (Kidney, Ureter, Bladder X-ray)
  4. CT Scan T
  5. MRI



IVP is contraindicated in all the following except:-


  1. Previous reaction to IV contrast.
  2. Renal failure
  3. Neonate T
  4. Patient on renal dialysis
  5. Diabetic patient.


The most minimal invasive imaging technique is:-


  1. Plain X-ray film.
  2. Ultrasound T
  3. CT without contrast
  4. Nuclear Imaging
  5. None of the above.


Male patient came complaining of scrotal swelling.  The first line of investigation to be done for him is:-

  1. Scrotal ultrasound T
  2. Scrotal X-ray
  3. CT Scan for the pelvis and scrotum.
  4. Nuclear Imaging
  5. MRI



A productive female come to ER with abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding the first radiological imaging for her is:-


  1. Abdominal x-ray
  2. Ultrasound T
  3. Nuclear Medicine
  4. CT scan
  5. MRI.




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