Nonparametric Testing of Treatments Against a Standard in a One-Way Layout


In the industry world there exist measures not to be overrun at production. The reason is that violation of these measures might lead to waste of resources, or to make fool of the end users, or consumers, of these product. Often the analysis of variance tests ANOVA do not detect, in such cases, the said violations, on the one hand, besides the small sized samples, in these cases also, do not encourage utilizing the Normal Distribution Theory, on the other. Therefore, professors "Chakraborti" & "Gibbons" (1991, 1992a, 1992b) introduced alternative techniques based on the nonparametric statistics. This paper adds to theirs two other procedures, based also on the nonparametric statistics, with the advantage that they do not need special tables to be used. That is, the ordinary statistics tables found in many statistics text books can be used here.