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NAME                           :         FATMA HOMOUD AL ANAZY


NATIONALITY            :         Saudi

   ADDRESS                :           King Abdul Aziz University


                                                     P.O. Box 245, Riyadh 11411

                                                Saudi Arabia

                                                  Tel:966 1 4775735

                                                  Fax:966 1 4775748



PRESENT POSITION   :         Consultant / Associate



   Department                         otorhinolaryngology

                                                 K.A.U.H.madical college 


  •  King Saud University - Fellowship, 2/9/1415 (1.2.1995)

  • ·Subspecialty in Allergy - 20/4/1422 (11.7.2001)

  •  M.B.B.S King Saud University {1987-1988}




        .Associate Professor, K.S.U. – (12/12/07)


       .Assistant Professor, K.S.U. - 16/11/1421 (18 June 2001)


.Consultant ORL Department, K.A.U.H.( 1/3/1418)


.Senior Registrar, O.R.L. Dept., K.A.U.H - March 1995.


.Registrar, O.R.L. Dept., KAUH - Oct. 1993 to Feb. 1995.


.Joined the Fellowship Programme of K.S.U - Oct.1989


 .ENT Resident at K.A.U.H. from 24 May 1989 to Sept 1989.


 .Rotation Internship at K.K.U.H. (1987-1988).



  1. Vice president of rhinology chair

2. chairperson of medical records and forms committee at K A.U.H        

3. Under graduate medical and dental students  coordinator(2008-2009)

    4.head of morbidity and mortility commite  king abd alaziz university hospital(2008-2010)

    5 . Member of purchasing committee {2007-2008 }

  6. Member of the Rhinology and FESS Course{2007-2009)


  7 Clinical Coordinator (2006). Arranging doctors’ schedules of theclinics,department workload distribution. Arranging the on call rotation and the annual and emergency leaves of the department’s doctors.


 8. Out patient clinic supervisor (2005)


 9. Member of the department committee for planning & development (2004)


 10.Member of the Temporal Bone Course (2003)


 11.  Clinical meeting Coordinator {1996-1997} Arranging lectures for post graduates and under graduates doctors as part of the department clinical and teaching activities.


 12.  Appointed as undergraduate tutor for medical and dental students     (1995-1998).



  1-lecturer in the basic science course

 2--Associate professor(lecturer for post  graduate and under graduate 2007-2010)

 3-.Female under graduate coordinator.(2008)

4-.  Assistant Professor-Lecturer for Post graduate Fellowship candidates.


5-.  Lecturer for Dental & Medical students.


6-.  Making examination questions for undergraduate medical and dental students as well as for post-graduate Fellowship candidates.


7-  Conduct educational courses in ENT for nurses.

8-   Assigned as undergraduate tutor for medical and dental students during summer



9-.  Assignment as post-graduate clinical meeting co-ordinator - Oct. 1995.


10  Supervising the Registrars & Residents, King Saud O.R.L. Fellowship.


11-.  Supervising and training Post Graduate trainees from Primary Care Maxillo-facial diploma and Fellowship Programs.


12- Clinical teaching and training of the under graduate medical and dental students.

13-.  Invigilator for under graduate medical and dental students.


14.  Attends and participates in activities in the Journal ENT Club and Post graduate activities.



  • Participation in giving educational lectures for the hospital nurses for many years.

  •  Worked in the private sector seeing and treating patients
  • Gave many lectures and participated in workshops in the private sector in different institutes.
  • Write articles in the local newspapers regarding ENT diseases and their management.
  • Received several appreciation letters regarding participation in many symposia, workshops and trainings.
  • Participate actively, for many years, in teaching & examining post graduate candidates in the fellowships and in the subspecialty fellowships as well.
  • counsaltant part time( ORlH NS) in Alhabeb medical center (2006)


                       .Saudi ORL society.                 


A.     Active participations :

1.Co-Chairperson of the 1st Endoscopic Ear Surgery Course (26 November 2005)

2. Co-Chairperson during the 24th ENT Updates Conference (26-28 November 2005)

3.Co-Chairperson in the 2nd  Riyadh FESS Course (29 Nov. – 1 Dec. 2005)

4. Participant Lecturer in the E.N.T. Intensive Course in Otology (Dec. 16, 2004)

5. Attended the work shop on improving the standards of the clinical training  7th April 2004.

6.Speaker at the 1st Otolaryngology Seminar in private sector. Thursday, May 27, 2004 at the Specialized Medical Center Hospital.

7. Speaker at the 5th International Saudi ORL, H & N Surgery Conference at King Fahd Military Medical Complex, Dharan, KSA (14-16 October 2003)

8. Speaker and moderator of a session in the 12th National Saudi ORL Symposium  13-14 R. Awwal 1424 (15 May 2003).

9. Chairperson and organizer of the XIX ORL Seminar on Headache and Facial Pain, Thursday, May 1, 2003.

10.Co-chairman and member of the Organizing Committee of the 1st Comprehensive Course on Management of Rhinosinusitis with Practical FESS Dissection, May 27-29, 2002.

11. Chairperson and organizer of the XII Seminar on Rhino-Sinusitis, Riyadh, KSA - April 29, 1999.

. Presentations:

1-          Iatrogenic cholesteatoma in children with otitis media effusion in a training program presented in the 12th National Saudi ORL Symposium 13-14 Rabi Awwal 1424 (15 May 2003).

2-          Recent Advances Classification and Management in Allergic Rhinitis presented at the 1st Comprehensive course on Management of Rhino-Sinusitis, May 28, 2002.

3-          Ototoxicity among oncology patients treated at K.K.U.H. presented at the 4th International Conference of Saudi Society of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, Riyadh, KSA - October 19, 2000.

4-          Allergic Rhinitis as a risk factor for hearing impairment among Children. Presented  at the XVII seminar on Rhino-Sinusitis, Riyadh, KSA - 29 April 1999.

5-          Prevalence of Allergic Rhinitis among people living in Riyadh : A hospital based clinical and allergic study. Presented at the 1st World Congress of Otorhinolaryngology & Allergy, Endoscopy and Laser Surgery 24-27 Jun 1998.

6-          Prevalence of Allergic Rhinitis among people living in Riyadh : A hospital clinical and Allergic study. Presented in the XVIIth European Rhinologic Society, Austria,  August 1998.

7-          Otolaryngological Manifestations of Gorlin-Goltz’s syndrome presented at the XVI World Congress of Otorhinoloryngology Head & Neck Surgery,  Sydney, Australia, 2-7 March 1997.

8-          Allergic Rhinitis as a risk factor for hearing impairment  among Children  read at the 8th ISIAN International Symposium on  Infection & Allergy of the Nose (a book of abstracts)

9-          Allergic Rhinitis as a risk factor for hearing impairment among Children. Read at    the XVI Congress of the European Rhinologic Society, Ghent, Belgium. - 8-12 Sept. 1996 .

10-          Heat stress presented at the 6th O.R.L seminar on O.R.L Discipline & Environmental Pollution -  April 1996.

11-          Prevalence of allergi rhinitisamonpopulation in Riyadh presented in the 1st Otolaryngology seminar I the Specialized Medical Center Hospital – 27 May 2004.


B.      Symposiums attended:

         -Otolaryngology Head &Neck suergery International Convention 9-11       November  2009  Riyadah

        The 6th International Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery from 13-15 February 2006.

.          24th ENT Update Conference, King Abdulaziz Cultural Center – 26-28 November 2005.

.          The 1st Endoscopic Ear Surgery trends and New Era Course, 26 November 2005.

          The 23rd ORL Seminar on Cochlear Implant updated on 26-27 April 2005.

.          The Laryngeal and Tracheal surgery conference (8-10 February 2005)

          The XXII Seminar on Thyroid Masses (4th January 2005)

          Attended the workshop on Improving the Standards of the Clinical Training –           7 April 2004.

          The XXL ORL Seminar on Dysphagia – Diagnosis and Management (25 May 2004), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

          The XX ORL Seminar on Cochlear Implant, Riyadh  (18 Dec. 2003)

.       The 5th International Saudi ORL H & N Surgery Conference, Dharan, 14-16 October 2003

.       12th National Saudi ORL Symposium, Madina, 13-14 R. Awwal 1424 (15 May 2003).

.       XIX ORL Seminar on Headache and Facial Pain, Thursday, 1st May  2003.

.       Symposium on Hearing and Ear Care 29-30 October 2002, Security Forces Hospital program.

.       The XVIII ORL Seminar on Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty, KAUH, 17 October 2002

.       Advanced Rhino-plasty and Septo-plasty Course (14-16 October 2002)

.       The IV International conference of Saudi Society of Otolaryngology, Head and  Neck Surgery 19th October 2000, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

.       The XII seminar on Rhino-Sinusitis - 29th April 1999 .

.       The XI ORL Seminar on Neck Mass - 3rd December 1998.

.       The X ORL Seminar Manifestations of systemic Diseases - 30th April 1998.

.       The IX ORL Seminar Pediatric Otolaryngology . 25th December 1997.

.       The 8th ORL Seminar on Vertigo - 1st May 1997.

.       The 7th ORL Seminar on Facial Cosmetic Surgery - 26 Dec. 1996

.       The 6th ORL Seminar on O.R.L. Discipline and Environmental Pollution - Presented a paper about Heat Stress - April 1996.

.       The 4th O.R.L. Seminar on Upper Airway Obstruction - April 1995.

.       Recent Advances in Allergic Diseases, King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center - Jan. 1995.

.       Recent Advances in Head & Neck Oncology, King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center - March. 1995.

        The Third ORL Seminar on Sensorineural Hearing Loss, King Abdu   Aziz    University      Hospital - Dec. 1994.

       The Second ORL Seminar on The Management of Cholesteatoma, King Abdul Aziz University Hospital - May 1994.

       International Symposium on Recent Advances in Otolaryngology - Head and Neck  Surgery, King Fahad National Guard Hospital - April 1994.

.       The First ORL Seminar on Sino-Nasal Tract Mycosis, King Abdul Aziz University Hospital - Dec. 1993.

      The Temporal Bone Dissection Course, King Abdul Aziz University Hospital - Nov. 1, 1993.





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