Associate Professor at King Saud University Medical College, Obstetrics and Gynecology.

1.        Participation in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, training, assessment and other academic activities.

2.        Participate actively in curriculum development for both undergraduate students and postgraduate trainer in Obstetrics and Gynecology Department.

3.        Participation in Academic Affairs in the Medical College up till 2007 I was a member of the Academic Affairs Committee responsible for the 4th year female medical students. This committee provides an important role in student’s support for continuing professional development. Also this committee gives a special attention to those students with academic difficulties and also rewards to encourage students with exceptional ability.

4.        As a member of the academic staff, mentoring is one of my role. I endeavour to cultivate a relationship that assists in empowering individuals within the working environment. This makes such individuals to make significant progress in knowledge, interpersonal relationship and thinking. Mentoring is a two-way process; both mentor and mentee will benefit from such a process.

5.        I participate in different courses, workshops, symposia and other teaching activities for both under graduate and postgraduate students.

6.        Research is one of the most important aspects of a teaching institution. I participated in joint researches with other departments, and supervise student researches and projects. My researches have been published in a number of national and international journals.

7.        I am a member of students committee .This committee responsible for the undergraduate assessment and performance which can be  used for feedback .



Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynecology Department at King Khalid University Hospital (KKUH) and King Abdul Aziz University hospital (KAUH).


My responsibilities include the following:-

  1. I have 4 clinics per week (two gynecology, one antenatal, and one high risk pregnancy clinic i.e. pregnancy complicated by medical diseases).
  2. I participate in the monthly call rota in Obstetrics and Gynecology Department when Emergency Obstetrics and Gynecology cases are admitted and managed accordingly.
  3. Daily morning rounds where discussion and brain storming are held for the management of patients admitted the previous day.
  4. Theater – performing emergency and elective Gynecological and Obstetric procedures.


Consultant and Associate Professor at Dr. Suliman Al-Habib medical group.


National and International instructor and speaker in advanced life support in Obstetrics Program (American Academy of Family Physicians).


I am a regular participant and contributor in the annual courses preceding the various board exams of the RCOG, Saudi Board and Arab Board organized by the King Saud Medical College, Military Hospital and King Abdulaziz Medical City – National Guard Hospital &Military Hospital.


Supervision and assessment of the projects of final year student of the College of Applied Medical Sciences in Riyadh.

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