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The aim of a gluten-free diet is to exclude the proteins of:
OatsWheatBarleyMaizeRyeA, B, C, E

Rice, maize and soya can be used as substitutes; all the others contain gluten.

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The following features associated with pain in the chest are unusual when coronary artery disease is the cause:
Occurrence following a heavy mealExacerbation by deep inspirationRelief by sitting forwardSituation under left breastExacerbation by exposure to coldB, C, D

Central chest pain which is worse on deep inspiration and relieved by sitting forward suggests acute pericarditis. Left inframammary pain suggests effort syndrome.  A heavy meal and exposure to cold are well-known factors which precipitate or favor ischaemic cardiac pain.

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Multiple sclerosis is likely to run a relatively benign course if
Onset is at an early stageOnset is with optic neuritisOnset is with cerebellar lesionsComplete recovery from an episode occursOnset is with sensory symptomsA, B, D, E

Indications of a severe outcome include onset with brain-stem or cerebellar lesions, onset after the age of 40 and disease which is progressive from the onset


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