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List of Publications
"Makarem Mohamed Said Korraa"

1- Synthesis of certain styryl Derivatives of Pharmaceutical Interest.
M.M. Said, M.M. El Enany and K.M. Ghoneim; Bull Fac. Pharm., Cairo Univ., 29,(1) 234 (1980).

2- Synthesis and Antimicrobial Investigation of benzimidazole-2-thio esters.
K.M.Ghoneim, S.El Basel, A.N. Osman and M.M.Said; Egypt J.Pharm. Sci.,23,17 (1987).

3- 1,2-Disubstituted benzimidazoles. K.M. Ghoneim, S.El Basil, A.N. Osman and M.M.Said; J.serb.Chem.Soc., 54(2)63-66 (1989).

4- Chemical Study of The Alkylation of Benzimidazole-2-thiol and Benzothiazole-2-thiol with Epichlorohydrin. K.M. Ghoneim, S.El Basil, A.N.Osman and M.M. Said; Egypt.J.Pharm.Sci., 31(1- 4)169-183 (1990).

5- Synthesis and structure Elucidation of Benzothiazole Containing Compounds for Antimicrobial Investigation. K.M. Ghoneim, S.El Basil, A.N.Osman, M.M. Said and S.A. Megahed; Egypt.J.Pharm.Sci., 31(1-4)237-246(1990).

6- Synthesis of Certain 4-amino-2-Substituted Amino Quinazolines as potential Antihypertensive Agents. K.M. Youssef, N.A.Abdou, L.N. Soliman and M.M. Said; Bull Fac., Pharm., Cairo Univ., 28,(2)33(1990).

7- Novel Benzimidazole and Benzothiazol and Uracil Derivatives as Potential Antimicrobial Agents. M.S. Mohamed, K.M. Youssef, O.M.El Badry and.M M. Said, Alex. J. Pharm. Sci., 6(2)165(1992).

8- Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of some New 2H-1-Benzopyran-2-ones. S.L..El Ansary, M.M. Hussein and M.M. Said, Bull Fac. Pharm., Cairo Univ., 32(3) 369(1994).

9- Synthesis of some Novel 4 (3H)- Quinazolinones as Antimicrobial Agents. M.M. Said and M.M. Hussein; Bull Fac. Pharm., Cairo Univ., 32(3)341(1994).

10- Synthesis and Anticonvulsant Activity of certain spiro compounds derived from barbituric and thiobarbituric acids. A.N. Osman, M.M. Kandeel, M.M. Said and E.M.Ahmed, Indian J. of chem, 35B, 1073-1078 (1996).

11- Synthesis of Some Novel Derivatives of 1,4-Benzoxazepine-3,5-diones as Anticonvulsant Agents. K.M. Youssef and M.M. Said; Egypt J. Pharm. Sci., 37,45-55(1996)

12- Synthesis of Certain Substituted Quinolines as Potential DNA Complexing Agents. A.A. El Gendy, O.M.El Badry, A.K.El Ansary and M.M. Said; Egypt J. Pharm. Sci., 37,57-64 (1996).

13- 2-(2-Arylvinyl) -7- Substituted- quinazoline -4(3H) ones, Synthesis, Reactions and Antimicrobial Activity. S.El-Meligie, A.K.El-Ansary, M.M.Said and M.M.M. Hussein; Indian Journal of Chemistry, 40B,62 (2001).

14- New Quinazolinone Derivatives. M.M. Said and A.H.A. Abdel-Hameed; Bull, Fac. Pharm.Cairo Univ., 39 (3),33(2001).

15- Synthesis and Pharmacological Screening for Muscle Relaxant, Anticonvulsant and Sedative Activities of Certain, Organic Compounds produced by Michael Addition. M.M. Said, A.A.E. Ahmed and A.T.El- Alfy; Arch. Pharm. Res., 27(12),1194(2004).

16- Synthesis of Certain Thienopyrimidine Derivatives as Antimicrobial Agents. A.A. Mouneer, K.A.M. Abouzid and M.M. Said; AZ.J. Pharm.Sci, 30,150,(2002).

17- Synthesis of Some New 1,2,4-Triazine Derivatives and Evaluation of their Antimicrobial and Cytotoxic Activities.. M M. Said;. Egypt. J. Biomed. Sci, 11,46(2003).

18- Pyridinecarbonitrile Derivatives as versatile Synthons for some Heterocyclic compounds of Pharmaceutical Interest. M.M. Ismail, R.H. Omar,.M.M. Said, A.Ahmedy, A.H. Omar and B.H. Naguib; Bull.Fac. Pharm. Cairo Univ., 41(3)1(2003).

19- Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of New Thiazolopyrimidines. M.M. Said, K.Abouzid, A.Mouneer, A.Ahmedy and Abdel Moneim Osman; Arch.Pharm.Res., 27(5)471(2004).

20- Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activity of spiroheterocycles Related to 1-Oxa-4- Thiaspiro [4,6] undecan-2-one. A.K.El-Ansary, M.M. Said; Az.J.Pharm.Sci, 30,11(2002).

21- Synthesis of certain Cyclopentyl [b] pyridine-5-ones of Anticipated Anti- inflammatory, Anticoagulant and Antimicrobial Activities. Refat H. Omar, Makarem M. Said, Hosam El-Din A.Ahmed, Adel H. Omar and Ahmed B.Mahmoud, Zagazig J. Pharm.Sci, 13(1),21-28 (2004).

22- Synthesis of some pyrimido ( 5,4 – c) Cinnoline and tiazepino (6,5 –c ) Cinnoline erivatives, Fatma EM El- Baih, Makrem MS Korraa and Ghafeera H al- Hazmi, Inter.J. of applied chemistry , 2(2), 103- 114(2006).

23- Some cyclization reactions to 2-(2-thenylidene) Indan- 1,3-Dione, A.Y.Hassan and M.M.Said, Bull. Fac. Pharm. Cairo Univ., 44(3) (2006)

24 – the reactions of substituted -2- Amino – 3- Cyano - Thieno (2,3-C) Pyridine, A.Y.Hassan and M.M.Said, Bull. Fac. Pharm. Cairo Univ., 45(1) (2007)

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