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أسئلة شائعة


My activities:




- Member in the MsC proposal examination committee, biochemistry department.


- Member in the MsC student's admition committee, biochemistry department.


-Member in the biochemistry department committee for undergraduate academic strategic plan.


- Member in the biochemistry department committee for improvement of  MsC courses.


- Member In the King Saudi university accreditation committee (Representitve of the Biochemistry Department, female section).


Conferences and workshops attended:


- Attendance of workshop for introducing and identification of nanotechnology.  

-Workshop on how to design a small project.

- Workshop on Brain storme. 

- Participation in conference of Neuroscience, 21-24 January, 2008, Marriott Hotel. Arranged by Military Hospital.

- Participation in Nanotechnology conference which will be held in Jeddah King Abdullah centre for nanotechnology from 17-19 June 2008.

-Participation in Nanotechnology conference which  held in Jordon University- Oman, november 10-14, 2008.

- Participation in the Cell-Biology advanced course given in King Faisal Hospital and research centre on october,18-21, 2008. 


Community services: 

- Giving lectures to women in the teaching staff recreation centre: (IN ARABIC) 


-Estrogen dominance and health hazards. 

- Lifestyle and multifactorial diseases. 

"- وجعلنا النوم سباتا تحقيق علمى لأعجاز قرأنى"-  

أعطاء محاضره ضمن فعالية الحمله الوطنيه الأولى للتوعيه بسلامة الغذاء فى الفتره من

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