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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة


Text Books:

- Neil A. Campbell and Jane B. Reece, Biology , 6th edition, 2002, Pearson education     Inc.

- Food analysis, Yeshajahu Pomeranz, Clifton E. Meloan, Third edition.(BCH 284).

- Principles of biochemistry. Lehninger. , Nelson & Cox.

- Inborn Metabolic Diseases ( By J Fernandes, Saudubray and Van den Berghe), 2000.

- Lippincott's illustrated reviews : Biochemistry-P.C. Champe, R.A. Harvey, D.R. Ferrier.

- Physical Biochemistry: Applications to Biochemistry and Molecular Biology  by David M. Freifelder. Publisher: W. H. Freeman; 2 edition, 1982.

- Segel, I.H.(1976) , Biochemical calculations , John Wiley and sons, Inc., New York.   

- The Chemistry and Biology of antibiotics by Vladimir Betina

- Immunology –A Short Course.  Eli Benjamini and Leskowitz.

- Essential Immunology by Ivan Roitt.

- Biochemistry by Voet and Voet.

- Genetics. (NMS) - J.M.Friedman, F.J.Dill, M.R.Hayden, B.C.Mcgillivaray.

- Principles of biochemistry mammalian biochemistry. EL Smith & RL Hill

- Harper's Biochemistry. Robert K. Murray , Daryl K. Granner , Peter A. Mayes , Victor W. Rodwell.

-Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, by William H. Eliot and Daphne C. Eliot, Third Edition, 2005, Oxford University Press.

- Nelson, D.L., Cox,M.M., (2000), Principles of Biochemistry, Worth publishers,Inc.,NewYork













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