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BCH 476 Antibiotics

Course Contents:

1- Introduction- Definition

2- Microorganism producing antibiotic and antibiotic in medicin- Theraputic index

3- Choice and adminstration of antibiotic-Dosage and route of adminstration.

4- When and why antibiotic is produced.

5- Antibiotic and regulation of metabolism.

6- Methods of screening antibiotics

7- Chromatography of antibiotics

8-Quantitative determinations of antibiotics.

9-Classification of antibiotics.

10-11 Carbohydrate antibiotics.

12-Macrocyclic antibiotics.

13- Quinone and similar antibiotic.

14- Amino acid, peptide and peptolide antibiotics.

15-Nitogen-containing antibiotics.

16-Oxygen containing antibiotics.

17-Oxygen- containing heterocyclic antibitics.

18-Alicyclic antibiotics.

19-26- Mechanism of actions of antibiotics

Class room: Building 1 room 7

Sunday and Tuesday 8-9



Antibiotics In Medicine.pptx 


Amino acid, peptide and peptolide antibiotics.pptx 

Antibiotics and inhibition of cell wall in bacteria.pptx

Effect of antibiotics on membrane functions.pptx

Homopeptides Antibiotics.pptx

Macrocyclic lactone antibiotics.pptx

Nitrogen containing antibiotics final.pptx

When and why the antibiotics are produced.pptx

Classification of antibiotics.pptx

screening for AB.ppt

Alicyclic antibiotics.pptx

Antibiotics and inhibition of energy metabolism.ppt

Antibiotics as nucleoside analouges[1].ppt 

Antibiotics and inhibition of protein synthesis.pptx

antibiotics resistance.ppt



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