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BCH 321 (Enzyme mechanism):

It is a two credit hours course (2 lectures).

 Time: Sunday and Tuesday 10-11

Class room number 920 building 9

Brief Course  Description:

The focus of the course will be the study of mechanism of enzyme actions.  The five different catalytic reactions will be taught as an introduction  for the student to understand enzyme mechanisms. The nature of the active site, and the mechanism of substrate binding will be covered before the detailed clarification of selected enzyme mechanisms. Regualtory enzymes will given special importance.

Topics to be covered:-   

Introduction to protein structure

-         Different levels of protein structure

-         Enzymes as proteins

-Effect of pH on enzyme catalysis

-Comparison between chemical and enzyme catalysts.

-         Catalytic reactions

- Acid - Base catalysis

- Covalent catalysis  (Nucleophilic and electrophilic)

- Metal-ion catalysis

-Electrostatic catalysis

-Intramolecular catalysis 

          -Role of co-enzymes in enzyme mechanisms:

            -NAD in dehydrogenation reactions

           -FAD in giutathione reductase reactions

           -  Biotine in carpoxylation reactions

          -Thiamin pyrophosphate in decarboxylation reactions

          - Coenzyme A

          - Lipoic acid

 Selected enzyme mechanisms:-

            - Carboxypeptidase mechanism

           - Ribonuclease mechanism

            - Mechanism of serine proteases

           - Lysozyme mechanisms

     -     Regulatory enzymes:

     -    Allosteric catalysis

     - Covalent catalysis (phosphorylation and adenylylation).



1- Carboxypeptidase_Mechanism.ppt

2- trypsin.ppt

3- Mechanism_of_lysozyme_BCH_323_final.ppt

4- Mechanism_of_ribonuclease

5- pyruvate_carboxylase.pptx

6- Coenzyme_Q_-_cytochrome_c_reductase.ppt

7- Vitamin_K-dependent_enzyme.ppt

8- hydroxylase_mechanism.ppt

9- alcohol_dehydrogenase_mechanism.ppt









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