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BCH 341: Bioenergetics

It is a two credit hours course (2 lectures).

Lecture Schedule for First Semester, Academic Year 1430-1431:

 Saturday and wednesday 10-10:50

  building 8

Brief Course Description: 

The Course deals with the bioenergetics of biological systems. first and second laws of thermodynamics together with the flow of energy in the biosphere will be given as introduction followed by, role of ATP as a high energy compound together with other high energy compounds and phosphogens.  The energetics of different metaboloic pathways will be taught in relation to mitochondrial function and electron transport chain. Energy of ion and nutrient transportation will be also included.



Topics to be covered:


-Introduction to Bioenergetics:  

-Transformation of different forms of energy. 

-Food chain, nitrogen, Oxygen and carbon dioxide cycles. 

-First and second laws of thermodynamics. 

-Gibbs free energy, exergenic and endergenic reactions.


-ATP and Other High energy compounds : 

- ATP structure and Factors affecting ATP hydrolysis.

-Adenylate energy charge (AEC) , definition, stabilization and role in regulating anaboilc and catabolic pathways. 

- Phosphogens, Phosphoenol pyruvate, thioesters

- Biosynthesis as energy requiring process. 

 -Formation of acetyl coenzyme A and energy yield of different metabolic pathways.

-Energetics of complete oxidation of glucose.

-Energetics of fatty acid oxidation 

-Electron transport chain and oxidative phosphorylation

- complexs, site of ATP formation, electron transport inhibitors and uncouplers. 

- Photosynthesis bioenergetics (dark and light reactions).

-Passive and active transport.    -



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