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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة

                                    Supervised Theses




Sr No / NAME



1. Mr. Muhammad Shuaib     

1987 (M.Phil)           

Steady Viscous Flow through Curved Tube           of Elliptic Cross- section and other problems

2.Mr. Javed Iqbal Nadeem    

1988 (M.Phil)             

The Flow of Micropolar Fluids.

3. Mr. Faqir Muhammad        

1988 (M.Phil)             

On the study of some problems in Micropolar Fluids.

4. Mr. Sifat Hussain               

1990 (M.Phil)            

Numerical Solutions of some problems in Micropolar Fluids Flows.

5. Mr. Khalid Saifiullah         

1993 (MYhil)             

Numerical Solutions of Viscous  Incompressible Micropolar Fluids Flow. Numerical Solutions of Viscous Incompressible Micropolar Fluids Flow.

6. Mr. Abu Zar Abid Saddiqi

1994 (M.Phil)             

Numerical Study of Orbital Flow of  Micropolar I Newtonian fluids.

7. Mr. Atif Nazir                    

1998 (M.Phil)             

Numerical Solution of Micropolar Fluid flow  Problems.

8. Mr. Tariq Sharif                  

1998 (M.Phil)             

Numerical Investigation of problems for

 Micropolar Fluid flow.


9. Mr. Sajjad Hussain             

2005 (PhD)               

Numerical Study of Steady and non steady

  Micropolar Fluid Flows. (In Progress)

10, Mr. Abu Zar Abid            

2006 (PhD)               

Numerical Study of Micropolar/Newtonian

  Fluids Flow Problems.

11. Mr. M. Ashraf                  

2006 (Ph.D)              

Numerical Solution of the problems related  to Micropolar Fluids Flow.

12. Lyman S. Al-Ahmadi      

2006 (MSc)               

 Numerical Solutions of the Navier Thesis

  Stokes equations; Special Finite Difference Method.









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