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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة


                                   CURRICULUM VITAE.







Age: 52.


Social Status: Married.


Number of Children:  2.


Occupation:  Assistant  Professor.


Place of Work:  King Saud University.


Address:  Riyadh. Saudi Arabia.


Telephone: Mobile:0562407052.   Residence:(01) 2076377                          office:4675423


E. mail.








Degree                                               University                               year


B.A. Arabic/English/Spanish              Algiers. Algeria.                          1978          





M.A. Translation and Linguistics.       Bath. G.B.                                   1983


Ph.D. Translation Studies.                 Salford. G.B.                              1989



Further Training


TESOL.                                             St. Michael’s College. U.S.A.    1995









Professional Experience.


University                                            Post Held                           Year  


University of Algiers                         Senior Lecturer                     89/2001


King Saud University.                       Assistant Professor              2001/present


Components Taught.


Post Graduate Level


Supervision of M.A. theses. Teaching of translation theory and research methodology.


Under Graduate Level.


Teaching of Language Skills; Reading, Writing, Speaking, Grammar, Vocabulary, Listening to all levels. 


Teaching of Translation in the Following Fields: Security, Education, Social.


Teaching of Linguistics in the Following Areas: Stylistics, Semantics, Readings in the Culture of the Target Language, Introduction to Translation Theory.



Extra University Teaching: 


Institution.                                           Teaching Subject             year


Ecole Supérieure de Banque.           E.S.P. for Bankers.               1995/2000.


Management Activities.


Institution                                         Post Held                               Year


Institute of translation                     Director of Studies                     88/90

University of Algiers.


Institute of Translation

University of Algiers.                    Director.                                        90/96


Institute of translation

University of Algiers.                     Head of Scientific Council.          96/2000








1993 The theoretical Aspects of Translation Teaching Methods.


1996 Planning a Curriculum for Translator-Trainees.


1996 The Academic Training Translators: A Pedagogical Framework.


Unpublished Papers:


La Metalangue et la Didactique de la Traduction. Paper Presented at the conference “Metalangue et Traduction ” held by the University of Algiers in 2003.


Doit- on Enseigner La Theorie Aux Futurs Traducteurs. Paper Presented at the Conference ‘ Traduction et Enseignement des Langues ‘ held by the University of Algiers in 1989.


Conferences Attended.


1989, Translation and Language Teaching. Algiers University.


1995, Translation in the Arab World. King Fahad School of Translation. Morrocco. 


1996,  la formation du traducteur de l’an 2000. La Sorbonne. Paris.


2000. Multimedia and Language Teaching. Algiers University.


2003, Metalanguage and Translation Teaching. Algiers University.  

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