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Test for Generalized Harmonic New Better than Used in Expectation (GHNBUE) class of life distribution based on total time on test

El_Houssainy A. Rady, K. A. KOTB, Tarek M. El-Said


Let F be a life distribution with survival function  and finite mean   The scaled total time on test transform is defined  was introduced by Barlow and Campo (1975) as a tool in the statistical analysis of life data. The aging properties GHNBUE can be translated to properties of by and the properties of  . Two Test statistics for testing exponentiality against GHNBUE (GHNWUE) are proposed. The distributions of the test statistics are investigated for small statistics sample. The powers of theses tests are simulated by simulation when the sample size is n=10 , 20 and 30 .

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