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STAT 106 – Semester I, 1431-32

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Instructor:      Prof. Khalaf  Sultan

Office:             2B20  Building #4

Time: SAT 11-12 am

Room: 2B111 Bulding #4

Office Hour: WED 8-9 am

Text Book:

Biostatistics: A foundation for analysis in health sciences, Seventh edition or beyond. By Wayne W. Daniel.

  Reference Book  

Elementary Biostatistics with Applications from Saudi Arabia. by Nancy-A. E. Hasabelnaby 


First mid term Exam: Monday 23/12/1431 : 7:8:30 pm

Second mid term Exam: Monday 28/1/1432 : 7:8:30 pm



Curse Descriptions

              qualitative and quantitative data, graphical representation, central tendency measures, variation measures, some basic probability rules, random  variable, binomial distribution, Poisson distribution, normal distribution and its applications, confidence interval for mean and for proportion



Course Scope Contents: 


Schedule of topics to be covered

Material to be covered




-Organizing and Displaying Data



1 , 2

All the material as given in Chapter 2:

-Basic Summary Statistics

-Measures of Central Tendency: Mean, Median, Mode

-Measures of Dispersion: Variance, Standard Deviation, Coefficient of Variation

-Calculating Measures from an Ungrouped Frequency Table

-Approximating Measures from Grouped Data



3 , 4, 5

-Basic concepts of Probability

-Conditional Probability and the concept of independence




6 , 7, 8

-Probability Distributions

-Discrete Probability Distributions

-Mean , Variance, and Cumulative Distribution Function

-Binomial Distribution

-Poisson Distribution

-Continuous Distribution

-Normal Distribution



9, 10 , 11, 12

-Central Limit Theorem

-Estimation for the mean m for large samples

-Estimation for the proportion  for large samples

- Revision





13 , 14 , 15


Please note down the following:

§         The table above is a rough plan of the material to be covered.

§         There will be two tests, each consisting of 20 marks and a final exam of 50 marks. The lab work carries 10 marks, which may include home works, and quizzes.

§         Attendance in the class and the lab is required. Students coming late will be regarded absent. Student missing more than 25% of the total class hours won't be allowed to write the final exam. 

§         Students are advised to carry the book and a scientific calculator all the times in the class and the lab.

§         Programmable calculators are not allowed during examinations.

§         All exams will have multiple-choice questions



 Assignments and Solutions

Assignment 1


Solutions 1


Assignment 2


Solutions 2


Assignment 3


Solutions 3


Assignment 4


Solutions 4


Assignment 5


Solutions 5






1- the First midterm exam (Model A and Model B)


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