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STAT 559: Theory of statistics II

Instructor      Prof. Khalaf S. Sultan

Time:               Sun 1:00 – 4:00 am

Office#:             2B20 Building #4, Phone  4676263

 Email:    or  


  Recommended Books:

  •  Mood, A.M., Graybill, F.A. and Boes, D.C. (1972). Introduction to The Theory of Statistics, third edition, McGraw-Hill.

Reference Books:  

  1. Casella, G. and Berger, R. L. (2002). Statistical Inference, second edition, Duxbury, New York.
  2. Kendall, M. G. and Stuart, A. (1979). The Advanced Theory of Statistics, fourth edition, Volume 2, Charles Griffin, London. 
  3. Silvey, S.D. (1975). Statistical Inference, Chapman and Hall, London.  
  4. Introduction to Mathematical Statistics, Sixth Edition, by Hogg, McKean, and Craig, Prentice Hal.

Course Description

  1. Principle of Data Reduction
  2. Sufficiency
  3. Minimal sufficiency
  4. Estimation [point and interval]
  5. UMVUE's
  6. Neyman-Pearson Lemma
  7. UMP tests
  8. Likelihood ratio test
  9. Bayes inference


Grading Policy:

Assignments+precentation + different activities: (25 Marks)

  • Midterm Exam: To be arranged          (25 Marks)
  • Final Exam:       To be arranged          (50 Marks)



Student missing more than 25% of the total class hours won't

be allowed to write  the final exam       




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