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Introduction To Statistics

STAT 100 – Semester I, 1431-32

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Instructor:      Prof. Khalaf  Sultan

Office:             2B20  Building #4

Time: SAT - MON: 10 - 11 am

Room: 2B113 Bulding #4

Office Hour: SAT - MON:  8-9 am +Appointments


The Hypeggeometric Distribution

التوزيع فوق الهندسي



1- ِAssignments and Project 20 Marks

2- First mid term Exam: 15 Marks

3- Second mid term Exam: 15 Marks

4- Final  Exam: 50 Marks



First mid term Exam: Monday 23/12/1431 : 7:8:30 pm

Second mid term Exam: Monday 28/1/1432 : 7:8:30 pm



 Description of Course Contents:

 College of Science  ( All majors)             First Level


Detailed Contents enclosed

Main topics

 Descriptive statistics: Statistical data classification-Measures of central tendency - Measures of dispersion.

Basic probability concepts: Conditional probability, Bayes law - Random variable and probability distribution-   Binomial distribution - Normal distribution and its applications.      

Course  Definition and Description  ( Brief  Contents ) 

The course aims to demonstrate the role of statistics to reduce the efforts that scientific studies do for reducing data without loss its important information. Include the following concepts: descriptive data (quantitative and qualitative data) - definitions of sample and population in addition to the frequency distribution of statistical data- the elementary of probability theory with maintaining the arithmetic accuracy at the course elementary level, clarifying the random variable concept and the probability distribution and introduce it as an arithmetic model to apply it to real physical problem.

 Course Objectives

Lectures and exercises

 Teaching methods


Book Title: Statistics and probability principles  & its applications using Excel,

-       Author Name: Abdullah Alshiha  & Adnan Bery,

-       Publisher : University Libraries, King Saud University

                  Year : 1429

 Curriculum Book

1. Jangoo Anis

(1413 H) , Statistics and Probability, King Saud University.  

2.  Mohammed Sobhi, Abu Saleh and Adnan Awdh (1983 ) Introduction to Statistics- New York – Willy.

 Main Tex Books

1.                              Two semesters exams 

2.                               Exercises , homework and projects

3.                               Final Test

 Evaluations System

Monday 23/12/1431 : 7:8:30 pm

 First  Semester Exam

 Monday 28/1/1432 : 7:8:30 pm

Second  Exam Time

Semester works : 50 Marks

Final Exam : 50 Marks

Mark Distribution

Three hours

Final Exam time


Main Topics:


Detailed Contents

  (STAT - 100)



Basic Concepts and Definitions of: Statistics, Population, Sample, Data, Parameter, Variable.

Organizing and displaying data:

-Organizing data, Displaying grouped frequency distributions, Quantitative Data, Qualitative Data.

- Graphically Displaying: Histogram, Polygon, Curve, Cumulative Frequency Curve.

Measures of central tendency:

Introduction, Summation Symbol, Mean, Weighted Mean, Median, Mode, Quartile, Percentile.

Measures of dispersion:

Introduction, Range, Semi-Inter-Quartile Range, Variance, Standard Deviation, Coefficient of Variation, Chebychev Inequality, Standard Scores(Values).

Principles of Probability:

-Introduction: Random Experiment, Sample Space, Events, Algebra of Events (Union, Intersection, Complement, Disjoint).

-Probability: Definition, Axioms of Probability, Conditional Probability, Conditional Probability, Independent events, Bayes’ Theorem.

Random Variables and Probability Distributions:

Introduction, Random Variable,

 -Discrete Random Variable, Probability distribution, Expected Value(Mean) of a Random Variable, Variance of a Random Variable, Binomial Distribution, Applications.

-Continuous Random Variable, Probability Density Function, Expected Value(Mean), Variance, Normal Distribution, Standard Normal Distribution, Applications.




1- First Midterm: Model A 

2- Second Midterm: Model A






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