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·        Ahmed, S.F. and A.A. Sayedahmed “ The factor affected the performance of fertilizer spreader disc “ July 1990 , Miser J. Agric. Eng.


·        AL-Asury, A.R. and A.A. Sayedahmed “ The instrumentation system of the agriculture tractor performance “ October 1994 , Miser J. Agric. Eng.


·        Zen El-Den, A.M. and A.A. Sayedahmed “ Mathematical model for predicting pull force of different tillage tools “ January 2000 , Miser J. Agric. Eng.


·        Morad, M.M. and A.A. Sayedahmed “development of a simulation model of the spinning disc performance in the broadcaster fertilizer spreaders October 2002 , Miser J. Agric. Eng.


Researchinterests.aspxResearchinterestsاحمد عبدالقادر سيد احمد عبدالق 
Research interests.aspxResearch interestsاحمد عبدالقادر سيد احمد عبدالق 
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