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   Undergraduate Courses:

   AGEN 325: Engines and Agricultural Tractor.

Analytical study of engines (engine cycles and types, engine components, engine power estimations, combustion, engine assisting systems). Power trains. Tractor power usage. Tractor power distribution and prediction. Tractor stability.  

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  AGEN 429: Engineering Techniques in Precision Farming.

Introduction to the concepts of precision agriculture. Geographical information system (GIS). Optical sensing. Global positioning system (GPS). Yield monitoring. Variable rate technology. Instrumentation for monitoring the performance of field operations. 

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AGEN 427: Management and Operation of Agricultural Equipment.

Tractor and implement sizing ad selection.  Cost of owing and operating  agricultural tractors and machinery.  Principle of economic performance of farm power and machinery: machine performance, power performance, operator performance.  Machinery operations and adjustments. Safety in tractor ad machinery operation. Computer applications. Field trips 

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  AGEN 220: Mechanization of Farm Operations.

Introduction to farm mechanization and power sources in the farm. Engine types and parts. Tractor main components. Implements. Planters. Growing crop machines. Harvesting machines. Operation and maintenance of farm machines.

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  Graduate Courses:

 AGEN 511 : Advanced Harvesting Machines.

Functional components of harvesting machines. Testing, evaluation and modification of the components. Effect of crop condition on harvesting machine performance.  

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 AGEN 512 : Advanced Agricultural Tractor.

Mechanics of interaction between agricultural soils and tractor traction devices. International tractor tests. Field testing and evaluation of tractor functional component. Introduction to vibrations and their applications in tractors. 

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 AGEN 513 : Soil-Implement Relations.


Mechanics of interaction between agricultural soils and tillage implements. Analysis of soil stress-strain relationship due to soil-implement interaction. Design concepts for tillage implements.  

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