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Stat. 574 (Survival Analysis), Course Outlines

The Instructor

Dr. Hanan M. Aly

Course Objectives

 The objectives of this course is to expose the student to the basic concepts of reliability (or survival) models and statistical inference for various probability models and methods used in life testing and reliability assessment, including parametric and nonparametric models, and classical and Bayesian inference procedures.


          There will be two in-term exams; each of them will cover a predetermined material. The student should do the homework and the assignments. Final exam will include all topics covered in the lectures. The distribution of points one can earn toward a final grade will be as follows:


Total mark








In-term exam 1



In-term exam 2



Final Project Presentation (individual or group)


About 10 minutes presentation and 5 minutes discussion will be held at the end of the term.

Final Exam








1- Kalbfleish, J. D. and Prentice, R. L. (2002). The Statistical Analysis of Failure Time Data. Wiley, New York. 

2- Lawless, J. F. (2003). Statistical Models and Methods for Lifetime Data, Wiley, New Jersey.

3- Lee, E. T. and Wang, J. W. (2003). Statistical Methods for Survival Data Analysis, Wiley, New Jersey. 

4- Leemis, L. M. (1995). Reliability, Probabilistic Models and Statistical Methods, Prentice-Hall. New Jersey. 


Course Contents

* A Brief Introduction to Reliability (Survival Analysis)

Statistical Background

Basic Statistical Definitions

The Probability Density and Cumulative Distribution Functions

The Reliability Function

The Failure Rate Function

The Mean Life Function

The Median Life Function


* Data Types 

Complete Data

Censored Data


* Distributions

The Exponential Distribution

The Weibull Distribution

The Gamma Distribution

Other Distributions


* Parameter Estimation

MLE (Maximum Likelihood) Parameter Estimation for Complete Data

Analysis & Parameter Estimation Methods for Censored Data

Bayesian Methods

Nonparametric Life Data Analysis


* Other Topics

The Proportional Hazards Model  

Accelerated Life Test


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