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                         CURRICULUM         VITAE


                   Name:  Hesham Mohamed Abbas El-Araby


             Profession:    Professor of Geophysics

                                    Geology Department,

                                    College of Science,

                                    King Saud University.


       Date of  Birth:   1963.  

           Nationality:  Egyptian.

      Marital Status:  Married with 3 children.



                   Office:   Geology Department,

                                College of Science,

                                King Saud University,

                                P.O. Box 2455  - Riyadh 11451,

                                Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


                       Tel :   00966-1-4676208

                      Fax :   00966-1-4676214

                 Mobile:   00966-503275177

                E-mail  :


 Educational  Career: (1) B.Sc. in Geophysics with grade

                                        "Distinction with First Class Honours", Cairo Univ.,1984.

                                   (2) M.Sc. in Geophysics (Potential Methods), 

                                          Cairo University, 1987. 

                                   (3) Ph.D. in Geophysics (Potential Methods), 

                                          Cairo University, 1990.





 Professional Career:  (1) Demonstrator, Geophysics Dept.

                                             Cairo Univ., 1984-1987.

                                   (2) Assistant Lecturer,  Geophysics Dept.,

                                              Cairo  Univ. 1987-1990.

                                   (3) Lecturer, Geophysics Dept.,

                                              Cairo, Univ., 1990-1995.

                                   (4) Scientific researcher, Koln University,

                                                  Germany, June-Dec., 1993.

                                   (5) Scientific researcher, Koln University,

                                                  Germany, Nov. 1994-Jan. 1995.

                                   (6) Scientific researcher, Argonne National  

                                                  Laboratory, Chicago, USA, Mar.-Oct. 1997.

                                    (7) Associate Professor, Geophysics Dept.,

                                                  Cairo Univ., 1995-till now.

                                   (8) Manager of information and data analysis

                                                 laboratory in Cairo University Center for

                                                 Environmental Hazard Mitigation. 1996-2001

                                    (9)  Associate Professor, Geology Department,

                                              College of Science, King Saud University,

                                              Aug 2001- Feb 2006.

                                   (10)  Professor, Geology Department,

                                                College of Science, King Saud University,

                                                Mar 2006 – till now.


  Training  :     (1) Post-graduate Advanced Training Courses  on

                             "Computer-Aided Exploration Geophysics"

                             From Free Univ., Berlin, 1987-1989.

                        (2) Introduction to Geographic information system GIS

                            at Cairo Univ.,Sept., 1995, organized by Washington Univ.

                        (3) Principles and processing of Remote sensing data using 

                              PCI package on Sun work stations, at Cairo Univ., Sept., 

                             1995, organized by Washington Univ.

                        (4) Advanced training on GIS using ARCINFO package on 

                             SUN work stations, at Cairo Univ., Dec.., 1995, organized 

                             by Washington Univ.

                      (5) Introduction to ArcGIS for ArcView and ArcInfo (I) & 

                             (II), at King Saud University, May, 2002, organized by 

                              Moammar Information Systems.


International Conferences: (1) 7th International Mathematical

                                                  Geophysics Seminar, Berlin,

                                                  Feb. 8th-11th, 1989. (participation)            

                                              (2) 8th International Mathematical

                                                  Geophysics Seminar, Berlin,

                                                  Feb. 4-9, 1990.(participation)

                                                (3) 12th Annual meeting of the Egyptian 

                                                      Geophysical Society(EGS) and Society of 

                                                      Exploration Geophysicists(SEG), Cairo, 

                                                      Egypt,21-24 March, 1994.

                                                (4) Big Cities World Conference On Natural 

                                                      Disaster Mitigation in conjunction with the 

                                                      10th  International Seminar On Earthquake 

                                                      Prognostics Cairo, Jan., 1996.

                                                      (Organization & Participation)

                                             (5)   The 92nd Annual Meeting of Air and

                                                      Waste Management Association, St. Louis, 

                                                       Missouri, June 21-24, 1999.


 Scientific Missions : (1) Geophysics Dept., Koln University, Germany,

                                                   June-Dec., 1993.

                                 (2) Geophysics Dept., Koln University,Germany,

                                                  Aug., 1994 - Jan., 1995

                                 (3) Argonne National Laboratory, Chicago       

                                              University, USA. Mar.– Oct., 1997.


 Awards:  (1)   15-months Carl Duisberg-Gesellschaft grant in Faculty of 

                             Geosciences and Mathematics of Free University of 

                             Berlin, Germany.

    (2)  3-months DAAD  Fellowship in Koln, Germany.

                (3)  7- months Fulbright grant  on GIS Applications in  

                           Geophysical Environmental Hazard Mitigation, Argonne 

                            National Laboratory, Chicago University, USA.




 Languages :

                                      Written                 Spoken

                1- Arabic       V.Good                V. Good

                2- English       V. Good               V. Good

                3-German      Good                      Good

                4- French       Fair                         Fair




Memberships : (1) Geology Department Board, King Saud University.

                         (2) Egyptian Geophysical Society


Supervision    : Nine M.Sc. and seven Ph.D. Thesis.


 Publications   :  More than 40 Scientific Papers in International Periodicals

                              and Journals.



  experience :  1- Programming in Basic Language

                        2- Programming in FORTRAN Language

                        3- Programming in C & C++ language

                        4- Geographic information systems ARCINFO, MapInfo.

                        5- Remote sensing PCI & Erdas  packages.

                        6- Microsoft word, Excel, Power point, Coral draw.

                        7- The most advanced packages in Geophysical 

                             methods (Interpex & Geosoft)

                        8-  Data Base packages.

                        9-  DOS , Win 95,98,2000,XP and UNIX operating systems

                              (PC’s & SUN workstations)






  Experience : 1-Theoretical gravity. (Gph 213)

                        2- Theoretical magnetic (Gph 214)

                        3- Gravity Survey. (Gph 217)

                        4- Gravity and Shape of the Earth. (Gph 202)

                        5- Earth’s Magnetic field. (Gph 203)

                        6- Practical Geophysics. (Gph 205)

                        7- Computer applications in potentaial fields. (Gph 317)

                        8- Potential field Separation techniques. (Gph 318)

                        9- Magnetic Exploration. (Gph 303)

                       10- Gravitational Methods. (Gph 307)

                       11- Potential field exploration methods. (Gph 309)

                       12- Potential fields interpretation. (Gph 419)

                       13- Computer applications in Geophysics. (Gph 422)

                       14- Practical geophysical project. (Gph 491)

                       15- General Geophysics. (Fourth Year Geology Department)

                       15- Selected Topics for seismic diploma students.

                       16- Mathematical Methods in Geophysics. (seismic diploma)

                       17- Computer applications.(seismic diploma)

                       18- Gravity (Applied Geophysics Diploma)

                       19- Mathematical considerations in Geophysics. (Applied Dip.)

                       20- Computer application in Geophysics. (M.Sc. seismic)

                       21- Gravitational Methods. (M.Sc. Potential Fields)                       



  Experience : 1-Participate in geophysical field work and interpretation of  

                            more than five projects to evaluate new urban community        


                        2- Conducting more than ten projects for water shade and

                            flash flood analysis to protect existing and planed urban 


                        3- Constructing the geographical information system maps

                              for Cairo air improvement project (USAID)

                        4- Application of geographical information systems GIS in 

                             geophysical research projects.

                        5- Conducting remote sensing research projects.

                        6- Conducting potential field research papers.

                        7- Scientific referee for national journals.                                    

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