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Clinical Teaching course for 451 students:


During the cardiac surgery rotation the students should accomplish the following:

1.    develop a knowledge of :

a.     pathophysiology and clinical presentation of coronary artery disease. This includes clinical evaluation of patients with coronary artery disease and indications of coronary artery surgery.

b.     Types of conduits used in coronary bypass surgery.

c.     Conventional vs. beating heart surgery.


2.    understand :

a.     The pathophysiology , clinical presentation and indications for surgery in acquired Mitral and Aortic valve disease.

b.     Artificial cardiac valves: types, indications, and complications.


3.    Differential diagnosis of cardiac emergencies.

4.    Differential diagnosis of chest pain.

5.    Be familiar with basic principles of cardiac pulmonary bypass (components- complications)



Clinical Teaching course for 351 students:


1.The student should be able to learn the principles of history taking and clinical examination in cardiac patients


2.Evaluate the different symptoms of cardiac patients:

a.     Symptoms of pulmonary congestion.

b.     Symptoms of systemic venous congestion.

c.     Symptoms of low cardiac out put.

d.     Chest pain.

e.     Palpitation.

f.      Pressure symptoms.

3.Demonstrate appropriate way to identify physical signs of common cardiac diseases.





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