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Eman Abdel Azeem El Eter

MBBcH, MMSc, PhD, Physiology



Nationality                   :        Egyptian
Religion                        :        Islam
Position                        :        Associate  Professor of Physiology
Current Address        :        Department of Physiology
                                    College of Medicine
                       King Saud University
            P.O. Box 2925 (29)
           Riyadh 11461
           Saudi Arabia
Fax: 00966-1-4672567
mail Address            :
Specialization             :       Cardiovascular Physiology
ubspecialty               :       Chronic ischemia, Angiogenesis, acute
 ischemic/reperfusion injury, and methods
                                                for organ protection and mechanisms of
                                                disease process. Peripheral arterial
                                                diseases and detection of new risk factors 
                                                among my priorities in research.         

academic qualifications:

1984              MBBCh, Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University, Egypt
1985-1986    Postgraduate Clinical Training, Alexandria University
1990              MMSc (Physiology), Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria
Master Thesis: Focused on studying the effects of coronary-
                                                 bypass operation on the changes of trace
                                                 metal levels in plasma and its relation to the 
                                                 outcome of the operation.
1994              PhD (Physiology), Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University
PhD Thesis: Investigated the pathophysiology of essential and
                                              renal hypertension.


1994 - 1999                      Lecturer of Physiology
                                           Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University
Sep 1996 - Sep 1998     Visiting Research Fellow
                                           Sheffield Kidney Institute, Sheffield, UK
Sep 1999 - Apr 2000      Visiting Assistant Professor of Physiology
                                           Dubai Medical College
Dec 1999 - Oct 2000      Assistant Professor of Physiology
                                          Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University
2000 - 2005                     Assistant Professor of Physiology
                                          Faculty of Medicine, King Saud University, Riyadh
2006 to date                    Associate Professor of Physiology
                                          Faculty of Medicine, King Saud University, Riyadh


I've joined the vascular lab, a King Khalid University Hospital, few years ago, and get experience in Doppler (ABI, Segmental blood pressure measurements )and duplex. At the same time running some clinical research on PAD.







I'm involved in teaching undergraduate students of medical college, dental college, pharmacy college and the allied science. I'm teaching cardiovascular, renal and endocrine physiology. I'm also teaching neurophysiology to the second year medical students shared by other colleagues. I'm the course director for the pharmacy student's course (PCOL-283).Tthe students are encouraged to prepare presentations and case studies in different branches. Evaluation depends on quizzes, continuous assessment exams, assignments and presentations. The questions are all MCQS.


a.   Teaching:
I'm sharing in teaching the post-graduate courses for Master in Physiology (Experimental physiology, (2+1), Nursing (Applied Physiology, (3+0)) and Dental and PhD in Physiology (3+3).  For the PhD in physiology, I'm teaching two courses :(Collection and analysis of data (2+0), and Laboratory research methods (1+1). 

b.   Supervision of  THESES:


  1. Plasma endothelin-1 level in acute bronchial asthma: collaboration with severity. 1999.
  2. Plasma endothelin-1 in acute post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis. 1999 


  1. Adrenomedullin – nitric oxide interactions in normal and chronic renal failure rats. Submitted 2002.
  2. Relationship between peritoneal dialysis solutions and peritoneal sclerosis: clinical and experimental study. 2004.

    I Have been selected for three times as a Member of Discussion committee of PhD thesis at Physiology department, Medical College, King Saud University: The thesis titles were:
  3. Role of Adipocytokines in Insulin resistance in Type II diabetes Mellitus.
  4. Mechanisms of cardiomyocytes protection against contractile dysfunction following hemorrhagic shock and the involvement of Neutrophils in the pathogenesis of myocardial Post-resuscitation injury.
  5. Role of COX inhibitors and NFKb and  myocardial protection.


  1. Hormonal assays using ELISA.
  2. Gel electrophoresis/zymography
  3. Western blot
  4. Immunohistochemistry.


  1. Rabbit model of Chronic limb ischemia (To investigate new interventions  stimulating Angiogenesis. Utilizing Nano-technology, we used novel thyroid analogs which proved to stimulate angiogenesis).
  2. Animal models: Surgical procedures, unilateral nephrectomy (model of compensatory growth) subtotal nephrectomy (model of chronic renal failure), ischemia/ reperfusion injury model. Diabetic nephropathy model (rats).
  3. Gastric ischemia reperfusion model

Research Accomplishment:

Current research and objectives:
I'm running research in collaboration with different departments inside the college and abroad. At the time being I'm conducting research focusing on finding new agents to stimulate angiogenesis in animal model of chronic limb ischemia with collaboration of Prof. Mousa SA, AT Albany University, USA. We are introducing drugs which are products of NanoTechnology. These are produced at Prof Mousa Labs.. In parallel we focus on patients with peripheral arterial disease to find out new risk factors, therefore we are running the visfatin projects. The preliminary results are encouraging for extensive research. Among these goals is to improve the outcome of patients with limb ischemia which is enhanced by PAD.

As a principal investigator:

  1. Visfatin, a novel visceral fat peptide and its role in peripheral arterial disease (PAD): investigating the adipovascular axis.
    Funded by CMRC AT KKUH. (2006-2007), no : 06-530. The manuscript is being prepared. Abstracts had been presented at many conferences in Canada, Malysia. Was awarded the best research at the  surgical Research Day, King Khaled Hospital, College of Medicine 
  2. Role of thyroid analogues in the development of collaterals in an animal model with lower limb ischemia
    Funding institution: CMRC at KKUH (2006-2007), no: 05-505. The manuscript is already submitted. The abstract is accepted for poster presentation at Geneva, 2007. 
  3. Project title: A Study of the ET-A and AT1 receptors-interaction and their contribution to chronic renal failure in rats.
    Funding institution: KACST: no: 21-52  
  4. Signalling pathway involved in renal ischemic pre-conditioning and ischemia/reperfusion injury: Role of protein kinase C and phosphatidyl inositol –3 kinase. Manuscript submitted.
    Funding institution: KACST, No : LGP-7-27 
  5. Role of ADM in early diabetic nephropathy.
    Funding institution: Research center at Pharmacy college, KSU. Published. 
  6. Role of ADM in early diabetic nephropathy.
  7. The Egyptian Government grant: 1996-1997.(4,000 Sterling pound)
  8. The Northern General Hospital grant: 1997-1998, Sheffield, UK

As a co-investigator:

  1. Does agmatine prevent intimal hyperplasia?
    Funded by CMRC, Medical College. King Saud University. (PI: Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Kayali, Associate prof. of vascular surgery). Is now running. 
  2. Role of Rosiglitazone, Appar-y agonist in the development of collaterals in a rabbit model of hypercholesterolemia and hind limb ischemia. (PI: Dr Al Omran M, Assisstant prof. of vascular surgery) Is now running.
  3. Phosphodiesterases and Renal Ischemia/reperfusion injury., KACST (P.I Dr. HANAN Haggar).,The project is coming to end, writing reports and preparing manuscripts.
  4. Metalloproteinases in arterial diseases among Saudi patients.
    Funding institution: KACST (P.I. Dr. Hussien Rabee)
  5. Role of leptin in NASH.
    Funding institution: CMRC at KKUH 


  1. Eman El Eter, et al. Novel thyroid analogs stimulates angiogenesis and development of collaterals in model of hind limb ischemia. ISTH, 55th , Geneva, July 6-12, 2007.
  2. Eman El Eter, et al. Visfatin, a novel visceral fat peptide correlates inversely with the severity of PAD. 28TH CONGRESS OF THE VASCULAR SuRGEON MEETING, Montreal, Canada, September, 2006.
  3. Eman El Eter, Naglaa Allam, Nahed Baddour, Salah Nagaa. Possible role of mast cells in peritoneal sclerosis and liver injury in the setting of peritoneal dialysis. XLIII ERA-EDTA Congress (July 15-18, 2006, Glasgow, UK). 
  4. Eman El Eter, Ali Tuwaijiri, Hanan H, Mahaa Arafa. The in vivo and in vitro anti-oxidant activity of ghrelin: Attenuation of gastric ischemic injury in the rat. 3rd World Gastroentrology Conference, Korea, 25-27 September, 2005.
  5. Eman el Eter et al. Role of adrenomedullin in the early phase of diabetic nephropathy in rats. The 9th international pharmaceutical sciences conference and exipition  , Riyadh, KSA. Dec 17-21 December, 2005.
  6. Hanan H, Eman El Eter, Maha A. Taurine attenuates hypertension and renal dysfunction induced by cyclosporine A in rats. The 9th international pharmaceutical sciences conference and exipition  , Riyadh, KSA. Dec 17-21 December, 2005.
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  8. Eman El Eter, Salah Naga, Amr Obied, , Naglaa Alaam. International Society of Dialysis and transplantation. 30th August-1st September. 2004, Amesterdam-Holland (Poster Abstract)
  9. Eman El Eter Salah Naga, Amr Obied, , Naglaa Alaam. International Society of Dialysis and transplantation. 30th August-1st September, 2004, Amesterdam-Holland (Poster Abstract).
  10. Eman El Eter. Ghrelin is implicated in ovariectomy-induced hyperphagia and obesity in the female rat. Accepted as poster presentation at conference: Digestive hormones, appetite and energy balance, London UK, (30june-1july, 2003).
  11. Eman El Eter. Ghrelin and Gut: Monthly Gut Club Meeting activity by GIT unit at KKUH., January 2003.
  12. Eman El Eter. Metalloproteinases and pathophysiology of arterial diseases. Oral presentation at: 4th International Symposium on Vascular Surgery, Ryadh, 13-14 January , 2002.
  13. El Eter E.  Bayumi FAP, Contribution of vascular endothelial growth factor to ischemic injury of solitary kidney.  Accepted as abstract presentation in The 12th Congress of International Academy of Pathology Arab Division.  Dubai, 18-20 November 2000.
  14. El Eter E.Naga S, Marzouk S,  Renoprotective effect of calcium channel blockers (amlodipine and nifedipine): comparison with ACE inhibitor captopril, and angiotensin II receptor antagonist (valsartan).  The 3rd Conference of the Pan-Arab Hypertension Society.  Abu-Dhabi, 5-9 February 2000.
  15. El Eter E Eissa MM, Helmy MA.  Plasma endothelin level in acute bronchial asthma: correlation with severity.  XXII International Congress of Pediatrics, 9-14 August 1998, Amsterdam (Poster Abstract presentation).
  16. El Eter E Hickling HM, , Haylor J, Hardisty C, El Nahas MA.  IGF type I receptor antagonist (JB3) inhibits kidney growth in diabetic and UNX rats.  The Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, vol 8, September 1997, pA2973.  2-5 November 1997, San Antonio, Texas (Poster Abstract presentation).
  17. Naga S, El Eter E.  Insulin and prostaglandins in obese and non-obese essential hypertensive patients.  Eyptien Hypertension League Meeting, December 1994.



  • Eman El Eter, Abdul Rahman Al Kayali, Abdul Majeed Al Drees. Resveratrol stimulates collateral development in a rabbit model of chronic limb ischemia.
  • Eman El Eter, Abdul Majeed Al Drees, Ali Al Tuwaijiri. Inositol triphosphate is pivotal in renal ischemic preconditioning via inhibition of neutrophil infiltration and adhesion.



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