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Course Title (Symbol and No.): 281 ANAT          

Human Anatomy & histology for pharmacy students


Credit Hours:                               4 (2+2)


Contact Hours:                             Theoretical:                    2


                                                        Tutorials & Practical:   2



Course Objectives

          The course is designed to introduce the dental student to:

a)     Medical terminology and methods used in gathering information.

b)    Basic tissues of the body and how they are integrated to form functional units.

c)     Gross anatomy of cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal and genitourinary systems

d)    The correlation between structure and function.

e)     The relevance of anatomy to medicine & pharmacy.


Course Contents:

·       Histology

Structure of the cell


Connective tissue proper

Cartilage & bone

Muscle tissue

Nervous tissue

Blood vessels

Lymphoid tissue

Respiratory system

Digestive system

Urinary system

·       Anatomy

Anatomical terms

Classification & functions of bones

Skeletal system


Muscular system

Nervous system

Cardiovascular system

Respiratory system

Digestive system

Male reproductive system

Female reproductive system


Recommended Book

1)     Essentials of human Anatomy & physiology: E. Marieb



Distribution of Marks (Total 100 marks)

First Continuous Assessment Exam              30 marks

Second Continuous Assessment Exam                   30 marks

Final Exam                                                         40 marks


Examination Format in Continuous Assessment Exams

          A.      Written Exam               

                   The exam will be in the form of 30 questions

(One single best answer)                    


Time                              One hour


B.      Practical Exam            

          The exam will be in the form of 20 slides.

          Time                              Half a minute for each spot


Examination Format in Final Exam

          A.      Written Exam

                   The exam will be in the form of 60 questions

(One single best answer)                    

Time                              Two hours


B.      Practical Exam   

          The exam will be in the form of 20 slides.

                   Time                              Half a minute for each spot


Resit Exams                                                       

A.               For Final exam                      100 marks

Written Exam                 

It has the same format and topics of Final Exam.



B.               For Continuous exam or quizzes

1)       Format:

The Resit Exam will be in the form of essay written questions.

2)       Policy:

- The student who did not attend the original exam must apply an appeal to the Chairman of Anatomy Department within a week from the time of the exam.

- Resit Exam will be held only for students whose appeal was accepted by the Department of Anatomy.


N.B.: Dr. Ahmed Fathalla will be happy to meet any student who needs help at:

·       Saturday: from 1 to 3 PM

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