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Curriculum Vitae



Name                  :        Gamal Abd El-Khalek El-Azab.

Address               :     1 El-Shebeeny Street, El-Mahalla El-Kobra, Gharbia, Egypt

                                              Tel. (002-040)225818, Egypt.    

Present address  :        0096612171726, 00966059020363 (mobile) Saudi Arabia

            0096614677483, King Saud Univ, Faculty of Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy Dept. P.O. Box 2457, Riyadh 11451, Saudi Arabia

Date of Birth.     :        August 30, 1958

Place of Birth.     :        El-Mahalla El-Kobra, Gharbia, Egypt.

Sex.                  :        Male.

Marital status     :        Married .

Present             :        Ass. Prof of Clinical Pharmacy, Dept.  of Clinical Pharmacy,

Employment       :        Faculty of Pharmacy,  Tanta University, Tanta, Egypt, and also,

                                    King Saud University, Saudi Arabia.

Academic qualification




Field of Study

Faculty of Pharmacy

University of Tanta.


Faculty of Pharmacy

University of Tanta


Faculty of Pharmacy

University of Tanta


May 1981



March 1988



June 1994

Bachelor (very good with Honor)





Ph. D.




Clinical Pharmacy


Clinical Pharmacy

Title of Master Thesis:

“Serological and immunological  parameters associated with rheumatic active pediatric patients”

Title of Ph.D.Thesis

  “Pharmacokinetics study of acetaminophen and asprin in presence of liver cirrhosis”.

Employment history:

1.       Demonstrator, Dept. Of Clinical Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Tanta (November 1981-May 1989).

2.             Assistant lecturer , Dept. Of Clinical Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Tanta (May 1989-August 1994)

3.             Senior Researcher, Fellowship award to japan in fulfillment of Ph. D. Degree, Sept. 1990-Sept. 1993.

4.             Lecturer, Dept. Of Clinical Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Tanta (August 1994).

5.             A post-doctor fellowship candidate, course training in hospital pharmacy in Japan (August 1994-December 1994).

6.             Ass professor of clinical pharmacy, faculty of pharmacy, tanta Univ. Tanta. Egypt. And King Saud Univ. Saudi Arabia. 

Professional Experience:

1.      Giving lectures for pharmacists in the  continuing pharmaceutical education program.

2.      Serving as the main researcher in the clinical study, in the bioavailability, and bioequivalence  unite in the pharmaceutical  services center,  faculty of pharmacy, University of Tanta.

3.      Participation in most of the research projects concerned with clinical , bioavailability and  formulation studies as scientific cooperation between drug companies and faculty of pharmacy, University of Tanta.

4.      Participation as a member in the organizing committee of Tanta Meeting , faculty of Pharmacy, University of Tanta,  Annually in May (1995-1998).

5.      Participation as a project supervisor and a member in the Judging Committee of third  Conference of Egyptian Pharmaceutical  Fedration (EPSF III) Pharmaceutical Society 98, 6th October University, October 1998.

Teaching experiences

A}  Teaching many courses for undergraduate students:

·        Clinical Pharmacy, first and second semester courses fourth year Pharmacy

·        Medical Terminology, second semester, first year Pharmacy

·        Professional Pharmacy and Drug, Interactions, first and second  semester courses , fourth year Pharmacy.

·        Applied Therapeutics, first semester course, fourth year Pharmacy.

·        Pharmacokinetics, second semester course,  second year Pharmacy.

·        Health care Administration, Second semester course, fourth year pharmacy.

·        Elective  Courses  (Hospital  Pharmacy,  Clinical  Pharmacy),  fourth year Pharmacy.

B}  Teaching Courses for graduate students:

·        Advanced Clincial  Pharmacy and Therapeutics

·        Advanced Pharmacokinetics. 

·        Advanced drug interactions.

·        Advanced Hospital Pharmacy.


C}  Teaching Courses for Pharm D. Program Students:

·        Advanced Applied Therapeutics, first, second, third and fourth semester courses.

       D}  Participation in the Oral Examinations: of all previous  Courses in Tanta Univesity, Ein Shams University, 6th  October University and Amman University, Amman Jordan.

Supervision of theses

1.             Hoda A. Salem, “Estrogen Replacement Therapy In Recurrent Postmenopausal Lower Urinary Tract Infections” Master Thesis in Clinical  Pharmacy (1994), Faculty of Pharmacy, Tanta University.

2.             Hod A. Attalla “Acetylation And Oxidation Phenotypes in Patient With Breast cancer” Master Thesis in Clinical Pharmacy (1996), Faculty of Pharmacy, Tanta university. 

3.             Tarek M. Moustafa, “Immunological  Study And  Free Radicals In Children With  Various  Presentation Of Rheumatic Fever During  Activity And Quescence”, Master thesis in Clinial Pharmacy (1997), Faculty of Pharmacy, Tanta University.

4.             Nada F.A. El-Nidany. Comparative  Clinical  Study On The Effect Of Some  Topical Formulation For The Treatment Of Vetiligo”, Master thesis In Clinical Pharmacy, (1997), Faculty of Pharmacy, Tanta University.

5.             Haiam M. E. El-Serafy, “Clinical  Study Of The Hypoglycemic  Response To Sulfonylurea In Diabetic Patients With  Aspirin As Adjuvant  Therapy”, Master  Thesis In Clinical  Pharmacy (1997),  Faculty of Pharmacy,  Tanta University.

6.             Sahar K.T. Hegazy, “Clinical  And Biochemical Study On The Role  Of  Free Radicals  AND  Antioxidants  In Male  Infertility”, Ph.D. thesis in Clinical Pharmacy (1997), Faculty of Pharmacy, Tanta University.

7.             Sahar M.E. Haggar,  Clincial And Biochemical Study On The Role Of Free Radicals  And  Antioxidants On Diabetic Patients With Neuropathy”, Ph. D. Thesis in Clinical Pharmacy (1997), Faculty of Pharmacy, Tanta University.

8.             Mohamed F. El-Shater, “Clinical And Biochemical Study On The Role Of Free Radicals And  Antioxidants In Parkinson’s Disease”, MD. Thesis in Neurology (1997), Faculty of Medicine, Tanta University”.

9.             Islam T. Hussin, “Comparative Clinical Study On The Effect Of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitors And Antioxidants On The Patient With Diabetic  Nephropathy”, Master thesis in Clinical  Pharmacy (1999), Faculty of Pharmacy, Tanta University.

10.         Amira M. Hadhod, “Parentral Nutrition And Critically III Patients” Master thesis in Clinical Pharmacy ,(1999), Faculty of Pharmacy, Ein Shams University.

11.         Azza A. Mans  “Comparative Study Between The Effect Of Angiotensin II Antioxidants In Diabetic Nephropathy” Master thesis in Clinical Pharmacy (1999), Faculty of Pharmacy, Ein Shams University.

12.         Osama A. Mohamed “Comparative Clinical Study Between The Effect Of Different Anti Reflux Drug In Asthmatics With Gasteroesophageal Reflux” Master thesis in Clinical Pharmacy, (1999), Faculty of Pharmacy, Ein Shams University.




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  1.  Fourth International Meeting On Japanese Pharmacy And Pharmaceutical Sciences,29-31 March , 1993 , Osaka, Japan .


  2.  Assuit University 1st Pharmaceutical Sciences Conference, Faculty Of Pharmacy ,4-5 March 1998 ,Assuit,Egypt.


  3.  Third Conference Of Egyptian Pharmaceutical Students Federation (EPSE III) Pharmaceutical Scientific Society ,Faculty of Pharmacy 6th October University ,22-24 October,1998,Cairo-Egypt .


  4.  XXVI Conference of Pharmaceutical Sciences ,The Egyptian Pharmacetical Society ,8-10 December ,1998,Cairo-Egypt .


  5.  Tanta Meeting ,Faculty of Pharmacy ,University of Tanta ,Annually in May (1994-1997),Tanta-Egypt .


  1.  Fellowship award to Japan in fulfilment of Ph. D. degree (channel system program), Sept. 1990 -Sept.1990 .


  2.  Course Training Program in Hospital Pharmacy at Japan International Medical Technology Foundation, August-Dec. 1994, organized by the Japan International Cooperation Programme of the government of Japan .

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