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1) Loss of Wild-Type Trp53 Protein in Mouse Fibroblasts Leads to Increasing Radioresistance with Consequent Decrease in Repair of Potentially Lethal Damage. G. Alsbeih, M. Torres, N. Al-Harbi and M. Alsubael. Radiation Research 161, 185-192 (2004).

2) Survey of Radiographic Services in Saudi Dental Clinics. Mohammad Alsubael. Egyptian Dental Journal, 50, 2221: 2225, October, 2004.

3) Relationship between radiosensitivity and normal tissue complications in Saudi cancer patients treated with radiotherapy. G. Alsbeih, M. El-Sebaie, N. Al-Rajhi, A. Allam, M. Al-Buhairi, N. Al-Harbi, Y. Khafaga, M. Alsubael, and M. Al-Shabanah. Journal of the Egyptian National Cancer Institute. 16(4), December: 216-223, 2004.

4) Predicting Normal Tissue Complications in Radiotherapy. Mohammad Omar Alsubael. Journal of Clinical Oncology and Nuclear Medicine. 2(1): 1-8, January 2006.

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