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Dental Hygiene Program



Course Title          :           ORAL HYGIENE AND COMMUNITY DENTISTRY

Course Number   :           DEH 474

Credit Hours         :           1 + 1 = 2

Pre-Requisite       :            DEH 445, DEH 344, DEH 348



  1. Oral hygiene care and instruction for group with special need
  2. To be familiar with communication and interaction with different types of persons with special needs
  3. To promote oral health care among people with special needs and their parents and /or caregivers.
  4. To promote oral health care among diabetic patients and hospital staff.


Course Outline:


An overview of the course content, methodology, student evaluation and reference books

Week 1

Patient with sensory disability, definition, patient with visual impairment, dental hygiene care for totally blind, dental hygiene care for partially sighted

Week 2

Patient with hearing impairment, causes, characteristics, hearing aids, modes of communication, dental hygiene care.

Week 3

Persons' with mental retardation, definition, classification, adaptive functioning, etiology, predisposing factors, general characteristics, oral findings, dental caries, and dental hygiene care.

Week 4

Down's syndrome persons, definition, physical characteristics, personal characteristics, oral finings.

Week 5

Persons with Autistic disorder, definition, characteristics, personal factors and dental hygiene care.

Week 6

Persons with cerebral palsy, definition, epidemiology, types, oral characteristics, dental hygiene care.

Week 7

Patient who uses tobacco, health hazards, components, metabolism, systemic effect, environmental tobacco smoke, effects on children

Week 8

Oral manifestation of tobacco use, periodontal infection, clinical effects of smoking, soft tissue problems, nicotine addiction

Week 9

Treatment and dental hygiene care for patient who uses tobacco, tobacco cessasion program

Week 10

A patient with mental disorder, definition, description, Schizophrenia, characteristics, treatment, dental hygiene care

Week 11

Mood disorder, types, treatment, dental hygiene care, bipolar disorder, dental hygiene care posturbances, treatment

Week 12

Anxiety disorders, types and symptoms, treatment, dental hygiene care. Eating disorders, sign and symptoms, oral effect, management, dental hygiene care

Week 13


Week 14

Final exam 

Week 15








Teaching Method:

o   Classroom lectures

o   Practical in disability center and hospital



2 Mid term exams                                       40%  

Practical                                                      20%   

Final exam                                                  40%

  Total                                                          100%



  1. Wilkins, E.M. Clinical practice of the dental hygienists, 9th edition,  Philadelphia. Lippincott Williams and Wilkins.
  2. Dental Hygiene Theory and practice.2nd edition By Darby Walash. Saunders
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