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Dental Hygiene Program



Course Title            :             PREVENTIVE DENTISTRY II      

Course Number     :             DEH 344

Credit Hours           :            1 + 1 = 2

Pre-Requisite         :               DEH 343

Course Description:

Clinical study and practice of oral prophylactic procedures, emphasis on areas of particular concern including the knowledge and understanding the necessary plan of preventive programs, to educate the patients in the practice of effective preventive dentistry and to practice diet analysis and counseling procedures


1.    To provide student with detailed information on use of fluorides, fissure sealants

2.    To provide student with information related to dental health education to prevent gingivitis, periodontitis, dental caries, dental erosion, abrasion, attrition and dental trauma so that they are capable of providing a preventive treatment    for patient with these problems.


Course Outline:

Week  1

An overview of the course with explanation of its requirements.  


Week  2

Fluorides: metabolism, fluoride and tooth development, tooth surface fluoride, demineralization, reminerlization.


Week  3

Fluoridation, effects and benefits of fluoridation, partial defluoridation, school fluoridation, discontinued fluoridation, economic benefits, fluorides in food, dietary fluoride supplements.


Week  4

Topical fluoride applications, self applied fluorides, tray techniques, fluoride mouth rinse, fluoride dentifrices, brush-on gel, combined fluoride program and fluoride safety.

Week  5

Mid-term exam 1.


Week  6

Fissure sealants: definition, action, sealant materials classification of types, indications and contra-indications for sealant placement.


Week  7

Fissure sealants:  clinical procedures, penetration of sealant, maintenance(re-examination, retention and replacement),technical hints.


Week 8

Types of dental caries.  Caries Risks Assessment and management. Dietary analysis and recommendations.

Week  9

Mid-term exam 2.


Week  10

Dental health education for prevention and treatment of: dental caries, tooth wear(erosions, abrasion, attrition) and dental trauma 


Week  11

Planning preventive dental care for: patient with rampant caries, elderly with root caries, periodontal disease, and gingivitis .


Week  12

Planning preventive dental care for: patient with   restorations, fixed and removable appliances and orthodontic appliances

Week  13


Week  14

Final exam.


Clinics in College of Dentistry:

Students should learn how to give oral hygiene instructions, diet counseling, provide fluoride application (gel and varnish), and use pit and fissure sealants for teeth at risk of dental caries on patients.


Teaching Method:

ý  Classroom lectures

ý  Clinics in College of Dentistry



                       2 mid term exams                                   40%

                       Clinical                                                    20% 

                       Final exam                                              40%

                       Total                                                       100%



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  2.  Murray J.J.: Preventive of oral disease, 3rd edition, 1996, Oxford, Oxford University Press.


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