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Name:                             Saud Ibrahim Al-Mufarrej

Marital Status:               Married

Date of Birth:                 DEC/ 19/1960

Major Field:                    Poultry Diseases and Immunology

Research Interest          Virus isolation and identification;Alternative treatment for infectious diseases.                                    

Address:                               P. O. Box 103133, Riyadh, 11695 or P.O. Box 2460, Riyadh, 11451 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel.      (Office)                 Direct 00966 1 467-8486 or 00966 1 4678352 

Mobile                              00966 504434638

Fax.                                 00966 1 496-4672 or 00966 1 4678486 or  01 4678474

E-mail.    smufarej@yahoo.com or  salmufarrej@ksu.edu.sa  or almufarrej7@gmail.com


Education History:1989-1993              PhD:  From The University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK.Thesis Title  

                              (Comparison of Avian Reoviruses Using   Biochemical, Serological 

                              and  Immunological Methods).

1983-1987               BVSc &AR from College of Veterinary medicine and Animal 

                          Resources, King Faisal University, Al-Ahsaa- Saudi Arabia.

 2010- Up to date     Vice Dean for Higher Studies and Scientific Research in The College of Food and Agriculture Science.                                            

2008- Up to Date      Head of the Biodiversity joint program between College of

                               Science,  and College of Food  and Agriculture Sciences, King Saud


1999- 2008              Founding director of  Inspection and Diagnostic, Analytical and

                               Consultation  laboratories   (IDAC)  In Riyadh K.S.A.

2002-current             Associate Professor, Department of Animal production College of

                               Food  Science and  Agriculture, King Saud University, Saudi 


1994-2002:              Assistant Professor, Department of Animal production, College of 

                               Food  Science and   Agriculture, King Saud University, Saudi


1989-1994                Teaching Assistant, Department of Animal Production, College of

                                Food Science and  Agriculture, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

Teaching Experience:

1994- Up to date       1. Teaching Poultry Disease for undergraduate students (Practical

                                and Theory).

                          2. Teaching Immunology and Vaccination for undergraduate

                           Students  (Theory).

                          3. Teaching avian physiology for undergraduate students 

                          (Practical and Theory).

                          4-Teaching principle of animal and poultry health  for Under-  

                           graduate students  (Practical  and Theory)

                               5- Teaching Practical aspects in animal and poultry health for

                                undergraduate students

                           6-  Teaching Advanced Poultry Health  for post-graduate students



A.          Postgraduate Supervision:

Supervision of MSc students working on the following projects: 2003-current

1.       The efficiency of immunization with dead polyvalent vaccines in day-old Chicks.

2.       Effectiveness of Some Organic Acids in Microbial Decontamination of Poultry Meat

3.       Effect of Chinese Star Anise (Illicium verum L.) on Performance and Immunity of Broiler Chicks.

B.         Postgraduate Co-Supervision

1-       Effect of Short-Term Exposure to High Temperature on the Humoral Immune Response of Baladi and SCW Leghorn Chickens.

2-       Effect of Arabian Coffee and its Additives on Immune Response and Plasma Lipids in Rats.

3-       Serological Studies on Some Equine Diseases in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

4-       Effect of Source and Level of Chromium on Performance and Immune Response of Tilapia Fish.

C.          Scientific Consultations:

1.       Member of consultant team to review the spread of AI, Ministry of Agriculture.

2.       Review of scientific articles for local and international journals.

3.       Review of scientific projects submitted to the King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology.

1- Curits, P. E., Al- Mufarrej, S. I., Jones, R. C., Morris, J. and Sutton, P. M. (1992). Tenosynovitis in young pheasants associated with reovirus, staphylococci and environmental factors. The Veterinary  Record, 131:293.

2- Jones, R. C.,  Al-Afaleq, A.  Al-Mufarrej, S. I., Mosos, N. A. Savage, C. E. , Meanger, J. Islam, M.R. (1996).  The enigma of  trypsin-sensitive avian reoviruses. Proceedings of International Symposium of the World Veterinary Poultry Association, Giessen, 241-244.

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Books: Avian Diseases By M.F Hussein and S.I. Al-Mufarrej

Field of Specialization:

                                 Major Field:             Veterinary Medicine

                                 Specific Field: Poultry disease and Immunology


Membership of Scientific Organization:

                         Member of American Association of Avian Pathologists

                        Member of Poultry Science Association

                        Member of World Veterinary Poultry Association

                        Member of American Association of Veterinary Laboratory diagnostician   


MSc: AS Supervisor

Al-Khalaf, H. N. (1999). The efficacy of immunization using inactivated polyvalent vaccines in day old chicks, King Saud University.

Al-Mutari  H. (2006). Effectiveness of Some Organic Acids in Microbial Decontamination of Poultry Meat

Hull  M. (2012). Effect of Chinese Star Anise (Illicium verum L.) on Performance and Immunity of Broiler chicks.


MSc: AS Co-Supervisor

Al-Bisher A.A. O. (1996). Effect of Short-Term Exposure to high temperature on the Humoral Immune response of Baladi and SCW leghorn Chickens.

Al-Bosis N. (2005). Effect of Arabian Coffee Extract and its Additives on Immune Response and Plasma Lipids in Rats.

Abdul Al-Majad M. B. M. (2005). Effect of Source and Level of Chromium on Performance and immune response of Tilapia Fish.


MSc: AS Internal and External Examiner

Al-Abdeen A.A. (1997). Use of Salicornia Bigelovii Torr Meal in Laying hen Diets.

Al-Shamerii M. H. (2007). Serological and bacteriological study on Avian mycoplasmosis  in Hail Region.

Alsultan M. (2012). The effect of Yeast supplementation on the Immune status and production Performance of Broiler chicken.


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