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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة

NAME: Ali A.F. AL-FURAIH, King Saud University.





·       B. Sc. In Geology with grade excellent and first class of distinction, King Saud University, Riyadh, June 1971.

·       Ph.D. in Geology, University of Leicester, England, July 1977.


                   ACADEMIC CAREER:



* Professor of Geology 1985 - present.

* Associate Professor 1980 - 1985.

* Adjunct Associate Scientist, University of Kansas, 1982-1983.

* Assistant Professor 1977 - 1980.




1- Dean of Graduate College, King Saud University (1995-1998).

2- Member of the Editorial board of Journal of Faculty of Science, King Saud University.

3- Chairman of Seismological-Geophysical Observatory, King Saud University (1991-1995).

4- Chairman of Geology Department, Faculty of Science, King Saud University (1986-1988).

5- Vice Dean of Centre for University Women Students, King Saud University (1980-1983).





·        Member of King Saud University Council (1995-1998).

·        Member of the Academic Council (1985-1992).

·        Member of College of Science Council (1979-1980) and (1986-1988).

·        Member of Earth Science Society Council (1988-1991).

·        Member of the University Co-operative Society Council (1987-1992).

·        Chairman or member of several committee at King Saud University.

·     Representative of King Saud University at several Saudi Arabian Organizations.




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1 - Al-Furaih, A.A.F., (2000): "Principales of Micropaleontology" Published by King Saud University press, Riyadh, 544p.

2 - Al-Furaih, A.A.F., (2007): "Paleontological laboratory manual"

    Published by King Saud University press, Riyadh, 393p.




1) Jurassic Ostracodes.

2)Stratigraphical and Environmental Studies on Hanifa Formation (Jurassic) of Saudi Arabia.

3) Recent Marine Ostracodes from the Arabian Gulf and Red Sea.

4)Biostratigraphical studies on Aruma Formation of Saudi Arabia.


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