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                                 Research and Publications

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4 rhombuses “The Aesthetic of Dorothy Wordsworth.”  Accepted for Publication of the Journal of Arts, 

      Damascus University.

4 rhombuses  “An Anthology of Modern Arabic Plays.”  “The Bird Has Flown” by Abd Al-Aziz Al Surayyi in
   ModernArabic Drama:  An Anthology.   Salma Jayyusi, ed.  A Review.  Riyadh Daily 1

 February 1997:  8.

 4 rhombuses Al Andalus:  The Art of Islamic Spain.  Jerrilyn D. Dodds, ed.  A Review.  Riyadh Daily 6

    November 1993:  9.

 4 rhombuses  Arab Folktales.  Inea Bushnaq.  A Review.   Riyadh Daily 31 May 1999:  8.

 4 rhombuses  “Assessing Time During U. S. Polls.”  An Essay.  Riyadh Daily 30 December 1992:  6.

 4 rhombuses  Coffin Underground.  Gwendoline Butler.  A Review.  Riyadh Daily 29 February 1992:  9.

 4 rhombuses  Contemporary Indian Poetry.  Kaiser Haq, ed.  A Review.  Riyadh Daily 3April 1995:10.

 4 rhombuses “The Cosmology of H. P Lovecraft.”  Bulletin of the Faculty of Humanities and Social

    Sciences 8(1985):  37-49.

 4 rhombuses "Credit Where Credit Is Due.”  An Essay.  Riyadh Daily 21 November 1992:  11.

4 rhombuses  Desperate Spring:  Lives of Algerian Women.  Fettouma Touati.  A Review.   Riyadh

    Daily 27 February 1993:  11.

 4 rhombuses  “Ecofeminism and Modern Literature.”  A paper presented to the Seventh Symposium of

    the Medical Studies Research Center, King Saud University (April 4, 2002), Riyadh,

    Saudi Arabia.

 4 rhombuses “Ecofeminism and Modern Poetry.”  Occasional Papers:  Journal of Ain Shams University

    34 (April 2002-September 2002):  163-177.

 4 rhombuses “Elmaz Abinader in Focus.”  An Essay.  Riyadh Daily 30 January 1993:  11.

 4 rhombuses  Frozen Music.  Francis King.  A Review.  Riyadh Daily 11 May 1993:  11.

 4 rhombuses “Harmonizing Discord in the Poetry of Ibtesam Al-Bahooth.”  Journal of Arts, Ain Shams

   University; 32 (2004):  299-332.

 4 rhombuses “H. P. Lovecraft’s Quest for Harmony.”  Bulletin of the Faculty of Humanities and Social

   Sciences 11(1988):  45-55.

 4 rhombuses “The Idealized Other in the Work of Naomi Shihab Nye.”  Occasional Papers:  Journal of

     Ain Shams University.35 (October 2002-March 2003):  143-157.

 4 rhombuses “Identifying the Speaker/Self in the Poetry of Huda Al-Dughfaq.”  A paper presented to 

    the 17th International Conference on Literature, Linguistics, Language, and

    Translation. April 12-14, 2005.  Yarmouk University,Irbid, Jordan.

 4 rhombuses “Images of Palestinians in the Work of Naomi Shihab Nye.”  Accepted for Publication by

    the Journal of King Abdulaziz Uiversity.

 4 rhombuses “The Influence of Joanna Baillie, Felicia Hemans and Mary Howitt on the Popular British

     Romantic Taste.”  Lexis Summer 1983:  34-40.

4 rhombuses “The Influence of Mathematical Patterns in The Prelude.”  Studies in English.  Eds. Ezzat A.
    Khattab, et al.  Riyadh:  Research Center of the College of Arts.  King Saud University,

    1996:  83-107.

 4 rhombuses “An Insight Into the Complex Legal System.”  The Rainmaker.  John Grisham.  A Review. 

    Riyadh Daily 11 January 1997:  8.

 4 rhombuses Introduction to Dickens.  Peter Ackroyd.  A Review.   Riyadh Daily 31 October 1992:  11.

 4 rhombuses “Legal Protection of Secrecy in Electronic Communication.”   Arab Journal for Security

Studies & Training
37 (March 2004):  21-76.

 4 rhombuses Long After Midnight.  Iris Johansen.   A Review.  Riyadh Daily 24 May 1999:  8.

 4 rhombuses Lord’s and Commons:  Cricket in Novels and Stories.  John Bright-Holmes, ed. 

   A Review. Riyadh Daily 15 February 1992:  9.

 4 rhombuses The Maiden of Dinshway.  Mahmud Tahir Haqqi.  A Review.   Riyadh Daily 22 January 1994: 

   9.Maria R:  Mary Queen of Scots, The Crucial Years.  The Duke of Hamilton. A Review. 

Riyadh Daily 18 January 1992:  8.

 4 rhombuses Memories and Adventures.  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. A Review.    Riyadh Daily 9 January

    1993:  11.

 4 rhombuses The Murder of Tutankhamen:  A True Story.  Bob Brier.  A Review.   Riyadh Daily 26

    April1999:  9.

 4 rhombuses “Murder Most Foul in Fact, Fiction.”  An Essay.  Riyadh Daily 2 January 1993:  11.

 4 rhombuses “Oral Strategies and Written Discourse.”  Linguistica Communicatio 111.2 (1991): 


 4 rhombuses "Oral to Written:  An Approach to Teaching Composition.”  A paper presented to the

    Fourth Annual Linguistics Conference (April 1985), Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan.

 4 rhombuses “The Poetry of Rock.”   An Essay.   Riyadh Daily 31 October 1992:  11.

 4 rhombuses “A Point Open to Debate:  Do Women Excel in Fiction?  An Essay.   Riyadh Daily 15

    February 1999:  9.

 4 rhombuses Preface.  Sparks and Embers.  By Firdaus Sabeth Hussain.  Dhaka:  Osmania Library,


 4 rhombuses Resistance Literature.  Barbara Harlow.  A Review.   Riyadh Daily 16 January 1993:11.

 4 rhombuses See, I Told You So.  Rush Limbaugh.  A Review.   Riyadh Daily 31 December 1994:  8.

 4 rhombuses The Speaker in Thurayya Al-Urayed’s Poetry:  A Voice of a Postmodern Saudi Poet. 

With Ahmad Ramez Kutrieh. Research Center, College of Arts, King Saud University,


 4 rhombuses "The Speaker/Self in Fawziyya Abu Khalid's Poetry."  Damascus University Journal for

    the Arts and Humanities 20.3-4 (2004):  21-43. 

 4 rhombuses The Street Lawyer.  John Grisham.  A Review.  Riyadh Daily 15 March 1999:  13.

 4 rhombuses “Suprasegmental Phonemes and the Teaching of Tone and Standard English to Black

   Dialect Students.”

 4 rhombuses  A paper presented to the College Language Association Conference (April 1981), New


 4 rhombuses “Test as Text.”  Journal of King Saud University:  Languages and Translation 13 (2001):

   11- 23.

4 rhombuses Timepiece.  Richard Paul Evans.  A Review.  Riyadh Daily 1 March 1999:  8.

4 rhombuses “Tone in T. S. Eliot’s ‘Prelude I.’”  Abhath Al-Yarmouk Journal XI.1 (1993):  27-40.

4 rhombuses The Undertaker’s Widow.  Phillip Margolin.  A Review.   Riyadh Daily 10 May 1999:  10.

4 rhombuses Unnatural Exposure.  Patricia Cornwell.  A Review.   Riyadh Daily 12 April 1999:  8.

4 rhombuses William Wordsworth:  A Life by Stephen Gill and of Dorothy Wordsworth by Roberts

    Gittings and Jo Manton.  Journal of King Saud University 3.2 (1991):  209-215.

4 rhombuses Wordsworth’s Power to Create.  Riyadh:  Research Center of the College of Arts. 

King Saud University, 1993.

4 rhombuses Writing for Children:  Why, What and How Do We Write?  Mohammed Said bin Fa’eh

   Al-Mawlawi. A Review.  Riyadh Daily 1 February 1999:  9.

 4 rhombuses Year of the Elephant:  A Moroccan Woman’s Journey Toward Independence.  Leila

    Abouzeid.A Review.    Riyadh Daily 19 December 1992:  11.

Professional Panels:


   I have served on various panels including the following:

     4 rhombuses  “Writing, Rewriting, Evaluating:  Three Approaches to Invention.”  Conference on

      College Composition and Communication, Dallas, March 1981.

   4 rhombuses “Ethnic Emphases: The Teaching of Writing and the Acquisition of Standard

     English.” Conference of the College Language Association, New Orleans, April


   4 rhombuses “Applied Linguistics:  Writing.”  Fourth Annual Linguistics Conference. Yarmouk

          University, Irbid, Jordan.  April 1985.

 4 rhombuses “Strategies for Retaining High-Risk Students.”  Indiana University, Kokomo. 

    Summer 1995.

 4 rhombuses  “Man, Technology and the Environment.”  Seventh Symposium of the Medical

    Studies  Research Center.  Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  April 2002.

 Thesis Supervision:

 I've supervised Master's theses on the subjects of Lord Byron, Ana Castillo, John Cheever, Alice

Walker, and Katherine Anne Porter.  I've been an examiner on numerous thesis and Ph.D.

committees and Community Service

4 rhombuses Advisor:  Student Magazine, King Saud University;   the English Department Student

 Magazine and the English Department Women’s Club at the University of Qatar.

4 rhombuses Editor with J. Stallard of A Little Bit of Home, a cookbook published by the American

4 rhombuses Women’s Association of Qatar, A. B. A. Press, 1989.

4 rhombuses Editor of the monthly newsletter of the American Women’s Association of Qatar (1986-


4 rhombuses “The Readers’ Corner.”  A weekly radio program devoted to discussing books about the

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Radio Riyadh.  Sunday evenings 8:00 p. m., 2000-2002.

4 rhombuses Summer Success Program, a community/university initiative dedicated to retaining

   high-risk students, Indiana University, 1995-1996.

 4 rhombuses Treasurer, genealogical association in the U. S. (Indiana),  1994-1996.

 4 rhombuses Volunteer: Women’s Shelter, Lafayette, Indiana;  Celery Bog environmental campaign;

 4 rhombuses American Cancer Society fund raising; community youth activities, 1994-present.

 4 rhombuses “Women and Poetry.”  A weekly radio program.  Radio Riyadh.  Tuesday evenings 9:50

    p. m.,1999-2000.

 4 rhombuses “ Women and Poetry.”  A weekly column.  Riyadh Daily Literary Section.  The Monday

 early edition.  1999-2000.


4 rhombuses  Educational Program Development Consultant: for-profit Kingdom-wide English

    teaching centers
2002 and on-going.

 4 rhombuses   Educational Testing Service and the Mississippi Board of Education:  National Teachers 

4 rhombuses Examination Study Panel, “Knowledge Estimation:  Written English Expression,” 1979

4 rhombuses   The Educational Development Corporation, “DANTES” Testing Program, 1979

4 rhombuses
      Staffing Consultant, fabricator’s position at an auto manufacturer, Fall 1996

4 rhombuses
       Compensation System Consultant:  skill based/team orientation, a meat packing

     company, Spring 1997

4 rhombuses
    Compensation System Consultant:  pay for performance merit based system, clerical

a school corporation, 1997 and on-going 

Committees:  I’ve served on numerous committees including the following:

4 rhombuses  Graduate Program (1998-present), English Department, King Saud University

4 rhombuses  Steering Committee, Summer Success Program (1994-1995),  Indiana University,


4 rhombuses  Language Program (1989-1993), King Saud University

4 rhombuses Writing (Chair), 1981-1989, University of Qatar

4 rhombuses University Curriculum Revision, Alcorn State University

 4 rhombuses (English) Comprehensive Examination, Alcorn State University







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