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                       Community Services

 النشاطات فى خدمة الجامعة و المجتمع 


 Committees and Community Service

 Advisor:  Student Magazine, King Saud University;   the English Department Student

 Magazine and the English Department Women’s Club at the University of Qatar.

 Editor with J. Stallard of A Little Bit of Home, a cookbook published by the 

      American Women’s Association of Qatar, A. B. A. Press, 1989.

  Editor of the monthly newsletter of the American Women’s Association of Qatar

 “The Readers’ Corner.”  A weekly radio program devoted to discussing books about

    the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Radio Riyadh.  Sunday evenings 8:00 p. m., 2000-2002.

 Summer Success Program, a community/university initiative dedicated to retaining

      high-risk students, Indiana University, 1995-1996.

   Treasurer, genealogical association in the U. S. (Indiana),  1994-1996.

   Volunteer: Women’s Shelter, Lafayette, Indiana;  Celery Bog environmental


American Cancer Society fund raising; community youth activities, 1994-present.

   “Women and Poetry.”  A weekly radio program.  Radio Riyadh. 
Tuesday evenings 9:50 p. m.,1999-2000.

   “ Women and Poetry.”  A weekly column.  Riyadh Daily Literary Section.  The Monday

       early edition.  1999-2000.


  Educational Program Development Consultant: for-profit Kingdom-wide English

    teaching centers
2002 and on-going.

   Educational Testing Service and the Mississippi Board of Education:  National


 Examination Study Panel, “Knowledge Estimation:  Written English Expression,” 1979

The Educational Development Corporation, “DANTES” Testing Program, 1979

Staffing Consultant, fabricator’s position at an auto manufacturer, Fall 1996

Compensation System Consultant:  skill based/team orientation, a meat packing

     company, Spring 1997

Compensation System Consultant:  pay for performance merit based system, clerical

a school corporation, 1997 and on-going 

Committees:  I’ve served on numerous committees including the following:

  Graduate Program (1998-present), English Department, King Saud University

  Steering Committee, Summer Success Program (1994-1995),  Indiana University,


  Language Program (1989-1993), King Saud University

  Writing (Chair), 1981-1989, University of Qatar University

 Curriculum Revision, Alcorn State University

 (English) Comprehensive Examination, Alcorn State University



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