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(Course Syllabus)


                                                                                                                 Course title :


Course Number :

                                             RHS 244

Credit hours :

                                          2+1 = 3

Course instructor :

                                          Dr. Ali El-Saied Ali

Course Description :

Gross morphology of the nervous system has to be comprehensively presented . The internal structure of the brain and the spinal cord should be studied with a brief reference to the main function involved . Clinical implication should also be considered in the appropriate situation .


Objectives :

1- Deep understanding of the structure of the nervous system .

2- Viewing the ways of how the structure adopts the function in this system .

3- Preparing for better appreciation of clinical neurology and how they manifest themselves in the human subject .

4- Pointing out to the limitation of the present knowledge about this system on the hope of motivating the student to future thinking and carrying out post graduate studies in this field .


Course Outline :

Week 1     Introduction to the morphology of the nervous system and the classification of this system into anatomical parts .

Week 2     Anatomy of the spinal cord .

Week 3     Internal structure of the spinal cord .

Week 4     Distribution of the spinal nerves to the target organs with reference to the automatic components of the nervous function .

Week 5     Revision of the spinal cord and presenting some examples of the clinical disorders.

                                 1st Midterm examination

Week 6     The gross appearance of the brainstem and the cranial nerves .

Week 7     Internal structure of the brainstem .

Week 8     Presentation of some clinical views of lesions of the cranial nerves and the brainstem .

Week 9     Gross anatomy of the cerebral hemisphere .

Week 10   Internal structure of the cerebrum and open revisions .

Week 11   Clinical presentation of some cerebral syndromes based on the anatomical understanding .

Week 12   2nd Midterm examination

                 Anatomy of the cerebellum including some clinical applications .

Week 13   Presentation of the motor system and introduction a few clinical examples .

Week 14   Viewing the sensory system and putting forward clinical examples .

Week 15   Final examination .


Teaching Methods :

1- Using plastic models .

2- Illustration by posters .

3- Preparing short outlines to stress the basic and the clinically demanded knowledge .


Evaluation :

1- Midterm examination :

          a- 1st midterm examination .

          b- 2nd midterm examination .

2- Final examination : theoretical and practical which will be assessed as specified by the college grading regulations .


References :

1- Correlative Neuroanatomy and Functional Neurology, 19th edition. By: J.G. Chuset. Lang Medical Publications.

2- Introduction of the Anatomy and Physiology of the Nervous System, 5th edition. By: David Bowsher. Blackwell Scientific Publications .

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