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BCH 442, Molecular Biology – I

Credit hours – 2

Prerequisite – BCH 221

Syllabus for BCH 442, Molecular Biology

Lecture 1:

The discovery of nucleic acid and their relation to genetic information.  The chemical constituents of nucleic acids.

Lecture 2 – 4:

The biosynthesis and degradation of purine and pyrimidine nucleotides and their metabolic disorders.

Lecture 5 – 6:

The cell cycle and cell divisions (mitosis and meiosis).

Lecture 7:

The structure of DNA, Watson & Crick double helix model, types of double helices, linear & circular DNA, physical properties of DNA double helix.

 First Continuous Assessment

Lecture 8 – 9:

DNA replication, the enzymes and proteins of replication, role of template, the Okazaki fragments, mechanism of replication and the effect of antibiotics on it.

Lecture 10 – 11:

Transcription of DNA, various types of RNA, mechanism of transcription and enzymes involved, control of transcription.

Lecture 12:

The structure of tRNA and the ribosome.

Lecture 13 – 14:

The genetic code and its characteristics, wobble hypothesis.

Second Continuous Assessment

Lecture 15 – 16:

Gene expression.  The enzymes, proteins, mechanism and control of translation.  The effect of antibiotics on translation.

Lecture 17 – 18:

Regulation of gene expression and operon model.

Lecture 19 – 20:

Mutation of the gene, types, repair system and the effect of mutagens.

Lecture 21 – 22:

Post transcriptional and post-translational processes and their control.

Lecture 23 – 24:

Eukaryotic DNA, structure, role of histones etc.


1. Lippincot's Illustrated Reviews Biochemistry

2. Lechninger's Principles of Biochemistry 4th edition.  D. L. Nelson and M.M. Cox, Worth Publishers.

3. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology by W. H. Elliot and D. C. Elliot.

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