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Course Title:               Psycho-Social Aspects of


Course Number:                     RHS 426

Credit hours:               3

Prerequisite:               Nil

Course in-charge:       Ravi S Shukla


COURSE description: This course explores those factors affecting the health, well being and communication of aged people.  It covers the linguistic features that characterize and differentiate the normal, demented, depressed and aphasic elderly population.  Other subjects include the societal and cultural aspects of aging, societal influences on the aging individual, age related changes in adapting to the social environment and the influence aging on communication.


Course Objective: To develop in the student the awareness of the social and psychological problems affecting the aging population and to develop strategies for dealing effectively with these problems.  To understand the influences of aging on the communicative process.


Week 1: Meaning of aging, Definitions of aging, biological aspects of aging, Attitudes towards older people


Week 2: Aging and communication, Barriers to communicate with older people, Hearing disorders in the aged persons – effects of hearing loss


Week 3: Changes in the auditory system due to aging, types of presbycusis- sensory, neural, metabolic and mechanical, other types of SN loss in the older people


Week 4: Central auditory pathway, meaning and causes of central auditory disorders


Week 5: Hearing assessment of the elderly- differences and precautions to be taken while testing for peripheral and central disorders


Week 6: In course examination 1


Week 7: Aging of the respiratory system and its effects on speech production


Week 8: Aging of the phonatory system and its effects on speech production


Week 9: Aging of the oropharyngeal system and its effects on articulation, resonance and fluency of speech


Week 10: Aging of the nervous system – cortical and subcortical changes, microscopic changes and changes in the neural pathways –


Week 11: Effects of neuronal changes on memory, cognitive reaction time, intelligence and language


Week 12: In course Examination 2


Week 13: Aging and aphasia, language profile of the elderly aphasics, severity of aphasia in aging and recovery of aphasia in the aged


Week 14: Aging and Dementia – meaning, causes and description of dementia


Week 15 and 16: Final examination.



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