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Course Title:               SPEECH AND LANGUAGE PATHOLOGY II

Course Number:                     RHS 374

Credit hours:               2+2=4

Prerequisite:               None


Course in-charge:       Ravi S Shukla



Course Description:  Survey of fundamental types and natures of language disorders in children.  Emphasis would be on the diagnoses and treatment of developmental language disorders.  Students are required to observe therapeutic procedures and clinical sessions.


Course Objectives:


1.      To make the student clinically competent in the diagnoses and differential diagnoses of language disorders in children.


2.      To make the student clinically competent in planning and carry out therapeutic procedures for language disorders in children.






WEEK 1: Reviewing the concepts of communication, language, speech, and articulation.  Introduction to language disorders; definitions, etiology, prevalence and incidences


Week 2: Aspects and modalities of language; form, content and use.  Models of language disorders in children - categorical model and descriptive models. Differences between delayed language, deviant language and delayed onset of language


Week 3 and 4: Types of language disorders (Descriptive model): Disorders of content, form, use, distorted interactions and separations of form, content and use.


Week 5: Types of language disorders (Categorical model): language disorders in mental retardation and in the hearing impaired.


Week 6 and 7:  Types of language disorders (Categorical model): Autism and learning disability.



Week 8: In-course examination


Week 9: Types of language disorders (Categorical model): Specific language impairment and Aphasia in children


Week 10: Language assessment I: Introduction, purposes, steps and methods (both standardized and non-standardized)


Week 11: Language assessment II: Dimensions of language assessment; semantic, syntactic, morphologic and pragmatic aspects of language.


Week 12 & 13: Language intervention: Aims, approaches and techniques of language intervention


Week 14: Review of what has been learnt.






Practical:  Practical aspects of the course include familiarizing the students with the clinical tools



-Case history taking, interview methods and different protocols for language disordered children


-Visiting hospitals and rehabilitation centers for observation of assessment and intervention of different categories of children with language disorders


-Showing video cassettes of children with different disorders such as mental retardation, hearing impaired and autism                                                                 


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