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Course Title:               HUMAN GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT


Course Number:                     RHS 345


Credit hours:               2+1 = 3


Course in-charge:       Ravi S Shukla


Course Description:  The course introduces the students to the developmental process of a normal person in different aspects of human growth ontogenetically.  Developmental aspects include motor, neural, social, emotional, glandular, intellectual, sensory and communication.  Interaction of these different aspects in overall development of the individual is also introduced.


Course Objectives:


1.      To make students understand stages of growth and development of different skills.

2.      To identify and understand the factors influencing the development o different skills.

3.      To make students relate different aspects of growth and development to communication development




WEEK 1 and 2: Introduction; Meaning of growth and development, Maturity, Concept of phylogenetic and ontogenetic development, Types of change, Aims and purposes of knowing developmental patterns, General principles of growth and development, Factors affecting growth and development


Week 3:  Genetic Foundations of Behavior; Mechanisms of inheritance, Concept of meiosis and mitosis, Eugenics, Genes and Enzymes and their relationship to behavior


Week4: Neural Development; Brief description of evolution of the central nervous system, Pre natal and post natal development of the central nervous system including myelinization process.


Week 5: Intellectual development; Growth of Intelligence, from early childhood to adolescence, decline of intelligence with age, methods of measuring intelligence, Concept of IQ and factors affecting intelligence development.


Week 6: INCOURSE EXAMINATION 1 on 4th April


Week 7 and 8:  Glandular development; The different types of glands particularly ductless and their secretions.  Relationship of different hormones and behavior of the individual


Week 9:  Motor Development; Stages in motor development, Motor development during infancy and childhood, the development of complex motor skills and the handedness


Week 10: Physical development; Growth cycles, concept of asynchronous growth, Effects of growth cycles on behavior, concept of body size and body proportion




Week 12: Emotional development; Definition of emotions, Theories of emotional development, Characteristics of childhood emotions, factors in emotional development


Week 13: Personality development; Concept of personality, components of personality, development of personality, factors that determine personality


Week 14:  Presentation of assignment and group discussion


Week 15and 16: Final Examination: 16th May


Practical:  Practical aspects of the course include submitting an assignment on topics related child development and group discussion and familiarizing students with methods of measuring intelligence and personality of the individuals




1.      Developmental psychology – A life span approach, latest Edition by Elizabeth B Hurlock

2.      Child Development by Tudor M, MaGraw Hill


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