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Course Title:               SPEECH AND LANGUAGE PATHOLOGY I

Course Number:                     RHS 249

Credit hours:               1+1=2

Prerequisite:               None


Course in-charge:       Ravi S Shukla



Course Description:  A study of the fundamental processes in communication to include the functions involved in verbal and non-verbal communication.  A consideration of the factors influencing the normal development of human communication skills.  An overview of speech profiles, classification and etiology of communication disorders


Course Objectives:


1.      To understand the basic processes involved in acquisition and interpretation of speech, language and hearing.


2.      To become familiar with the nature and types of communication disorders.





WEEK 1: Introduction to the following concepts: communication, language, speech, articulation. Properties of language


Week 2: Prevalence and incidences of speech disorders.  What if you have a communication disorders: Effects of speech & language disorders on the individual and society.


Week 3 and 4: Neurological, bases of speech language and hearing: explanation of the different structures of the nervous system that are concerned with language production and understanding, concept of cerebral dominance for speech and language and zone of language 


Week 5: Social bases of speech: Introducing students to the role of speech and language in the development of human beings and the society – characteristics of what constitutes a good speech.



Week 6: INCOURSE EXAMINATION 1 on 03-04-2007



Week 7 and 8:  Speech and language development, theories and factors affecting speech and language development.


Week 9: Introduction to the concepts of speech & language disorders,


Week 10: Etiology and classification of communication disorders.  Difference between factors and causes of speech and language disorders


Week 11: Language disorders in children and adults


Week 12: INCOURSE EXAMINATION 2 on 15 May 2007



Week 13: Speech disorders in children and adults – fluency, voice and articulation disorders.


Week 14: Revision


Week 15: Practical Examination:





Practicals:  Practical aspects of the course include familiarizing the students with the clinical tools


            -Developing observation skills, watching video tapes


-Case history taking, different protocols for history  

             taking, interview methods


-Preparation and listening to audiotapes of children,

 who are at various stages of speech and language 


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